Late Friday afternoon 21 year-old Genarlow Wilson was finally released from prison bringing his four-year legal battle to an end.

When Wilson 17 he was convicted of felony aggravated child molestation, which Georgia state law at the time called for a minimum 10-year sentence. The law has since been revised, making acts between teens relatively close in age a misdemeanor instead of a felony.

The alleged molestation happened during a 2003 New Year’s Eve celebration at a Douglasville hotel where drugs and alcohol were present.

Wilson was charged with the incident involving the 15-year-old and was charged and later acquitted of raping another teen at the gathering.  Five other defendants in the case entered pleas in the assaults one them had videotaped.

The case sparked charges of racism and protests in Douglasville. Douglas County prosecutors have denied race or class played a role in the case, in which all the defendants were African-American.
At the time, Wilson was a track star, homecoming king and honor-roll student.

Since his release, Wilson has stated in the media that he that he hopes to pursue a college degree in sociology or business, but hasn’t yet determined where he will conduct his studies.

"It would be good to get in anywhere and pursue my education," Wilson said, flanked by members of his immediate and extended family. "I just want to thank everyone. It feels real good to be free."

Well said brotha.

And most of us know, that there are many more Wilson’s in prisons across the country because of some outdated law that usually only comes into play when the defendant is an African-American and all od a sudden people want to go by the book the literal letter of the law.

We’re on a roll my people, first the Jena 6  and now Wilson…let’s keep marching forward.