Get Ready for the Amistad…Part Two

I don’t know about you, but it just doesn’t seem right for an African Somali pirate, teenager or adult, to be brought to America to stand trial for anything.

Maybe it’s because of America’s involvement in the African slave trade.

Or maybe it’s America’s role in the underdevelopment of Africa that helped to create the current situation in Somalia that would warrant the conditions for pirates to be sailing the high seas of the coast of Africa in the first place.

Hell—it could just be that I just finished watching Amistad and I’m feeling extra militant this morning.

What I do know is that with Captain Richard Phillips headed home today and America bracing itself for Captain Sully like fandom for a second time this year, it just doesn’t sit right with me.

The Court of Public Opinion

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    amen amen amen!

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    What a lot of people do not realize, is that the U.S. and other developed countries are dumping toxic waste off the shores of Somalia. This was discovered after the tsunami in 2004. This waste has caused birth defects and death to the people of Somali. So, I believe if this was happening to the US, there would be armed folks out at sea, turning the culprits around.

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    When is someone going to try the US for 400 years of slavery, mental enslavement of its sunkissed people?

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    President Obama gave the green light to the Navy Seals to take out three of the of the pirates and bring the last one to America for trial . While I do have compassion for this young man, were he not involved in the crime he would not be here now .

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