Okay so I’ve been working on trying to develop a space on my site where people could post information and network independently of me, because quiet as it’s kept, I don’t sit in front of this blog all day, lol.  Well, I think I’ve got it all ready to go.  Drumroll please…move over Craig’s List and hello Jasmyne’s List, lol.

Starting today, you can post your own classified ads in the areas of jobs, housing, for sale, community, events, and yes–personals!  And the best part–I don’t have to do a damn thing.  Now that’s what I am talking about.  As much as I’d like to post all of the information sent to me, I can’t.  There’s only one Jasmyne and she isn’t living in front of her PC.

What I like the most about this venture is that it’s not restricted to Los Angeles.  You can be anywhere.  So my East Coast friends can post ads looking for other folks on the East Coast and my friends in the Dirty South, Midwest, Africa, and the Caribbean can do the same.

Now I take no responsibility for crazy people and their crazy shit.  Translation: use some common sense before posting and responding to ads.

Check it out here.

In this time of economic and personal crisis, networking and reaching out I believe are key to our survival.  As Black SGL folks who might be looking for other Black SGL folks for dating, jobs, housing, or whatever, there isn’t really one collective space where we can do that.  And while Jasmyne’s List isn’t exclusive to Black SGL people, it definitely is catered towards us.  So whether it’s a new book, an event, volunteer opportunities, a club night, new album, or whatever, I hope this space grows to be one where people can come to and reach out.