Tonight CBS will debut its "Survivor: Cooke Island."  There’s already been a storm of controversy over the fact that this season the teams are comprised of people belonging to the same race.

I for one have never been a "Survivor" fan, but you can bet your last dollar, I’ll be watching tonight and rooting for the team with the Blacks.

Note to CBS: Yes, segregating the teams by races did help you to gain new viewers.

At the end of the day, CBS is just putting on television what we continue to live in everyday life.

Here in Los Angeles, we are just as segregated as the show will be.  The whites and the Jews live on the westside.  The Black and Latinos live in South Los Angeles.  The Asians live in the Mid Wilshire district.  The Ethiopians live in the Fairfax district, coincidentally nicknamed "Little Ethiopia," and I could go on and on.

Segregation isn’t new to America.  America just can’t handle her own truth sometimes.  Similar to Katrina, America knew how poor those people were in the Ninth Ward and how they were living long before Katrina hit.  She just didn’t appreciate having  to be reminded of it on live television.

So go team Black and make us proud!