Award-winning filmmaker and creator of the Black gay television series NOAH’S ARC Patrik-Ian Polk has put up for auction on eBay a DVD of his hit feature film PUNKS along with an autographed poster.  100% of the proceeds raised will go to the Black AIDS Institute.

PUNKS is a romantic comedy about four Black gay friends living
in contemporary LA. Hill (Dwight Ewell) is in a long-term relationship,
which ends abruptly at his thirtieth birthday party, when he finds his
French boyfriend making out with another man. Dante (Renoly Santiago)
is a rich party boy who lives with his parents, and has a freewheeling
sex-and-drugs lifestyle. Chris (Jazzmun) is a diva, a drag performer
whose group, The Sisters, performs Sister Sledge songs with elaborate
costumes and sharp choreography. The Sisters are threatening to split
up over Chris’ inability to share the stage. At the heart of the story
is Marcus (Seth Gilliam of OZ), a successful photographer who is too
shy to approach the men he finds attractive. He is stuck longingly
snapping their photos from a distance. When the handsome, friendly
Darby (Rockmund Dunbar) moves in across the street, Marcus is
disappointed to find out he is straight, and he has trouble getting
over his attraction.

Since 2001, PUNKS has been a Black gay cult favorite.  Patrik is a brilliant writer and director which comes shining through in PUNKS.  Instant vintage! 

Let the bidding begin!

"PUNKS dvd/autographed poster (CHARITY)".
eBay Item number: 180189350216

Auction closes on
December 14th at 6pm