Okay, I’ll be the first to admit I had a rush of glee at the announcement of the Golden Globes being nixed by NBC because of the ongoing Writers Guild of America strike, which I do support by the way.

I for one have never gotten much out of watching a bunch of over paid people get dressed up and walk a red carpet that ironically is just blocks from where people are living in abject poverty, some even on the streets.  And this coming from a person who is preparing for four red carpets as I type this (but they are for charitable causes, so that makes a difference!), lol.  There ain’t nothing charitable about spending thousands of dollars on dresses, tuxedos, shoes, jewelry, purses, and make up, only to sit in a room for four hours while patting each other on the back before dashing off to attend lavish parties where enough food to feed a third world country is served.

And while I believe in giving accolades for outstanding work, we’ve gone overboard on the awards and the shows.  I say send them their awards via the mail, C.O.D. of course, after all they make enough to pay for it and call it a day.

So with any luck, the Writers Guild of America strike will have the same impact on February’s Academy Awards and that would be just fine by me.

I think Americans could stand at least one year without all of the meaningless pomp and circumstance that these events have become.

And who knows…the cancellation of the Golden Globes just might have saved one of those actors/actresses from drinking too much at one of the many after parties and then finding themselves in jail with a DUI and their mug shot plastered from here to there the next morning.  See, you always gotta look at the glass as half full.

I mean really, with all that’s going on the world, do we really need another awards show?