I was sitting at my desk working on something with ABC’s Good Morning America in background when I noticed the conversation turned to Eddie Murphy and his new film Norbit.

A question was asked whether or not his performance in Norbit would hurt his chances for the Academy Award this year and the reporter said that the people who go to see Norbit don’t vote for the Oscars, so probably not.

Wha wha what?

That statement just didn’t sit right with me.

It sounded more like, “Since this movie is aimed towards Blacks, and Blacks don’t vote for the Oscars, he’ll be just fine on Oscar night.”

Then the reporter goes on to basically trash Eddie’s performance and the reporter, who I get the feeling is Jewish, seemed very irritated at an anti-Semitic reference Eddie makes in the film, saying that he’s never known a mainstream film to go there.

I found that interesting because it’s so hard to bring issues like this to into mainstream America via the media, especially where it concerns Blacks, but since it was about Jews, then it easily slipped into the conversation and made it into the homes of millions of people this morning leaving then with a nasty taste where Eddie Murphy is concerned.  And to think just last month, Eddie was the Golden Child because of his performance in Dreamgirls.

Go figure?

Just a thought.