Hacked Sony Emails Illustrate White Liberal’s Racism And Challenges the Idea that Black Lives Matter

Just because you attend a rally or protest and lend your voice to chorus of those chanting that Black lives matter doesn’t mean that you really mean it or that you are using your white privilege for good. Similarly, just because you’re a registered Democrat and you gave money to the President’s campaign doesn’t mean that you can’t be a racist.

I’m sure that producer Scott Rudin and Sony Pictures co-chair Amy Pascal didn’t intend to be racist as they joked back and forth in emails about the kinds of movies that America’s first Black president might like.

The leaked email exchange between Rudin and Pascal involved a discussion about a fundraiser breakfast with President Obama Pascal was to attend. They assume that Obama, because he’s Black, would prefer movies featuring blacks.

She suggested Django. He suggested 12 Years a Slave. She came back with The Butler.

“Ride-along. I bet he likes Kevin Hart,” Rudin replied.

The latest batch of hacked Sony emails has brought into the spotlight once again the inherent racism that continues to exist within the Democratic Party and with white liberals, many of whom have jumped aboard the Black lives matters bandwagon.

Over the past several weeks I’ve spoken with and watched hundreds of white people march through the streets of Los Angeles holding signs and chanting the phrase “Black lives matter.” I even had one woman recently tell me how she was using her white privilege for good by being out in the streets with those decrying police brutality and the killing of unarmed Black men.

But the reality is that while it’s nice to see so many white people genuinely concerned with the plight of Black people, their white privilege could better serve the same Black people that they care about behind closed doors when they’re at work.

If Black lives really matter I need for all of the white people in the position to hire someone who is Black to do just that—hire an African-American. If more Black people are working, that means that more Black lives are being provided for financially.

And if Black lives are so important, those same white people who work at banks and approve home loans should be willing to work just a little harder to see to it that Black families trying to buy their first home aren’t denied a loan. Their counterparts who make the decisions on who to rent to and who not to rent to can help the cause by seeing to it that more Black people are approved to rent apartments even if those apartments aren’t in the ghetto.

White people show that Black lives matter by using their privilege to admit more African-Americans into their colleges and universities.

The organizations and non-profits working to better the lives of Black people and who are actually run by Black people should always be funded by the same liberal white people who are chanting today that Black lives matter.

The lives of Black people aren’t just a trend or the latest catch phrase to put on a shirt to sell and make money with.

For Black people it’s a long overdue movement lead by a statement that has meaning and purpose.

White people can best support the theory that Black lives matter by putting it to a test and by actually doing the things that demonstrate that Black people matter. Our lives matter enough to hire, cast, lend to, rent to, give to, and accept into. Not just while it’s a trending hashtag and the news media is there.

As for Rudin and Pascal’s little email exchange, maybe now Black people will begin to challenge the Party that has benefited from their blind allegiance on it’s own issues with race. Writing a check to the president’s campaign coffers doesn’t absolve you from being a racist.

The Court of Public Opinion

  • Priya Warcry

    Thx for the useful if troubling insight. I’ve always wanted to put the evolution back in revolution. Yes there appears to be more integration on the streets than in the workplace or campus. While white solidarity is important & encouraging & necessary for social change in amerikkka, the truth is black courage, sacrifice & passion has been at the core of self-liberation for black ppl just as it was for women in feminist movements. Is the white presence at protests based on pure empathy & compassion for the black struggle for dignity? Or is it in part based on self interest & the knowledge that …if unarmed defenseless black men are routinely murdered with no repercussions for police, then poor whites aren’t all that terribly secure either.

  • Bob Dobbs

    For your questions, probably both and more. It would be ignorant to say otherwise. Generalization is a key aspect of what leads to all of this. While I agree with some points in the article here, the same factors apply.

    Simply hiring more blacks or getting more blacks into a university will not make things better. Likewise, just because a white person is hired or has a degree, does not make them a more viable employee or member of society.

    While it may be crass to say, it is the vision of “white,” “black,” “asian,” etc… that is the problem. Yes, statistically one could make a stand that X% of Y group is treated in Z way. That can be twisted to whatever agenda is being pushed at the time.

    No, I’m not saying there isn’t a problem or an issue. That would be equally ignorant to say. We need to look at people as individuals, not as groups.

    Additionally, we need to look out for each other. That means, setting an example. If you act poorly, perform poorly, cause undue unrest, then you are hurting those of your ethnicity. When they try to do something and they are following the trail you’ve made, your actions impact their trials.

    It seems arrogant of me, due to my own position in life, It is, however, what I’ve seen. From the north to the deep south (in the US), from counties throughout Europe and more.

    If I walk the streets, in a protest with friends, I do not fall under either of your options. It isn’t empathy or compassion. It isn’t self interest from fear. It is because what is right is right and what is wrong is wrong, regardless of the tone of your skin.

    My day to day life can not even begin to compare to those being oppressed, harassed, killed, etc… I would not try. That definitely would be arrogant of me… to presume that I can comprehend how it impact them.

    The problem is, when one person (or like-minded group of persons) starts making waves (in a negative way). The media jumps on board and now, we’re swamped with “all XXXX are like this.” I’ve seen in with Nationalism, Racism, Bigotry, Sexism, and various “-phobia”. We focus on those who are extremists and ignore the fact that there are billions of individuals with different backgrounds, beliefs, desires, and ambitions.

    The generalization of a group of people (however you group them), has been the cause of so much pain and wrongdoing in the world. It is ridiculously evident in the religious and racial arenas.

    All Muslims are terrorists! (FALSE)

    All Blacks leach off society and/or are violent! (FALSE)

    All Americans are self-absorbed, arrogant, or stupid! (FALSE)

    Replace “All” with “Some” or “A few” or the name of a known group (KKK, ISIS, WBBC, etc…), and you have a statement that is _closer_ to truth.

    Replace “All” with an individual’s name (obviously correcting the grammatical context) and now you have a truthful statement.

    I’ve had the pleasure of knowing people from all walks of life… some of the most humble people I’ve known. We may have had different skin color, believed in a different creation/creator, spoke a different language… those people have touched my life and opened my eyes to the truth of the world.

    At the same time, I’ve had the displeasure of meeting the same types of people… who chose to hold onto their hatred and ignorance. While unsettling, they too have opened my eyes to the truth of the world.

    I don’t have a solution. I’m not sitting on some miracle “fix everything” cure for this global plague. I do know…. that it starts with each person, as an individual, to treat each other person, as an individual. That is an aberration of our genetic programming (See psychology nature v. nurture). Our instinct is to generalize, based on our experience. It is a survival trait. The mainstream media feeds this garbage to us 24/7. It is for us, the “enlightened,” to teach each other differently. To say yes, a Latino mugged me, that doesn’t make them all violent. To say yes, that white corporate guy was a “#$%,” that doesn’t make them all “$#&’s.”

    We never know, everything that a person is going through in their life. A person may commit a criminal act out of desperation. That could be anything from a drug craving, social/peer pressure, or maybe just because his/her family is starving, just to provide a few examples.

    Like I said, I don’t know the solution. I do know, that it starts with each of us seeing the problem and acting on it. That is to say, acting on it peacefully and intelligently.

    Case in point: Ferguson riots.
    Case in point two: The recent protests in CA.

    Having riots in protest just fuels the generalization of the targeted group.
    Having a non-violent protest brings attention to the issue, without the negative view on the populous in question.

    It begins at home. It spreads to the community. If we teach each other compassion and understanding, rather than holding onto and harboring hatred, one day (hopefully)… these things will only be read about in history books and we will be appalled at our former savagery.

  • Mike

    The Democratic Party never was your ally and they never will be. The democrats from the south were historically the plantation owners who fought and died to try to keep their slaves. The current democratic establishment is no different. Although there is no literal plantation that the blacks are confined within there is very much a philosophical plantation that the black community is expected to remain. You keep voting the way you are expected and they will give you some free stuff but joke about you behind their closed doors when they are alone.

    As a community, the black population has voted for the same people that keep you in your current situation. Any attempts to better yourselves or move off the plantation is met with anger and vitriol. Please, please stop supporting the democratic machine. It is detrimental to your society and your interests.

    Treat all people with respect. Judge people by their character. Don’t promote negative behavior and don’t accept it from those to whom you are closest. Be a positive influence on the neighborhood and the nation, follow the laws and don’t fight with the police. It’s a good start. Peace

  • da man

    Why don’t African Americans stop paying for and seeing such movies.

  • Tyndon Clusters

    I guess the Democratic Party destroying itself in the south for 50 years because of its support for civil rights, affirmative action and voting rights for African Americans which allowed batshit crazy wingnut white racists to almost destroy America the last 40 years isn’t enough for Jasmine. I guess the continued southern domination of this country because of the Democratic Party being labeled the “n word” loving party isn’t enough for Jasmine as the Dems now have ZERO Senators elected from the south.

    Maybe if black people valued other black life and property as much as the “white privileged ” liberals do, then perhaps, just perhaps, there wouldn’t be so much misery and deprivation in the AA neighborhoods.

    One more thing, no question that the PD in Ferguson was full of racist cops, but Michael Brown was a thug who fucked up and got himself killed.

    And this is the state of race relations today in the US: black folks rallying around a thug, and white folks making a hero out of the white cop who himself is a thug idiot and works for a racist police force.

    Both sides aren’t willing to admit the obvious, that racism in America is far more prevalent than most white people think and far less prevalent in America than black people think.

  • Tyndon Clusters

    The Democratic Party never was your ally and they never will be….is the biggest crock of shit.

    How old are you?

    The Dems got 34% of the white male vote because of their n word loving policies.

    If the Dems got just 10% of that white male vote to switch, it wouldn’t need any black votes to win any election.

    So I got a good suggestion for ya, vote Romney next time since he will be so much more open to helping black voters than that Dem candidate…whats his name again? Oh yeah, that African American Democrat Obama.

    Oh and please vote for Darrel Issa when he runs for Senator because, well, since he has really dark black hair and darker skin than his white Dem counterpart, I am sure he will be much more in tune with “black” voter issues than those race baiting Dems.

  • SurfPuppy619

    I have to be honest, I am shocked, and this time I am not being sarcastic, that the Amy Pascal and Scott Rudin emails were so juvenile, racist and immature. It is off the hook nuts. Especially Amy Pascal, this is the Manager of one of the largest companies in So Cal and America. But at least they spoke the truth about Angelina Jolie!

  • SurfPuppy619

    They assume that Obama, because he’s Black, would prefer movies featuring blacks.
    They did NOT assume that at all. The comments were knowingly, willfully and intentionally sarcastic, juvenile and racist. That is not an assumption. It is juvenile. It is condescending. It is contempt. These are not two skinhead neo Nazi’s. These are major business leaders and artists. It is a sad day when this comes from major business leaders in 2014 America.

  • Mike

    Tynden, your posts are rambling and incoherent. You don’t have agree with everybody but please try to think about what you want to say and then stay on topic. Just a suggestion, good luck. Mike

  • Tyndon Clusters

    Sorry Mike, they may be rambling, but they certainly aren’t incoherent lol.

  • Tommy Tange

    You say we need to have a public debate on racism, you know you don’t really want to have that debate, as you would lose. You mentioned 3 point’s while on fox last night, that you feel are proof of racism, that i’m going to debate with you right here and now. 1. The justice system is not fair, this is easy to solve, STOP committing crime’s and this all goes away. It’s your race that is doing the majority of crime by over whelming number’s. No one is making you do this, it’s called PERSONAL RESPONSIBILITY. 2. Education.. It start’s and stops with PARENTING, and when you have well over 50% of your race don’t graduate from high school, being raised in single parent home’s has alot to do with it, but also surely you have heard the old saying, ” you can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make them drink”, well teacher’s can try to teach, but if your not willing or capable of learning you won’t learn, once again goes to PARENTING, and once again it’s called PERSONAL RESPONSIBILITY. 3. Jobs, when well over 50% of your race has a long criminal record before they even reach the age to work, and have no high school diploma it makes perfect sense , your not going to get a job, once again it’s called PERSONAL RESPONSIBILITY. Also remember affirmative action?, that didn’t help either. So what else do you want to debate? Now i know i will not get a reply from your sorry butt, which only proves you don’t really want to debate this racism issue at all, the only thing your race want’s is to get some thing because of your skin color period!! You were freed from slavery ( i might add you were sold into slavery by people of your own race ) which was the right thing to do, no human being should be owned period!! Then there was de-segragation, also right thing to do. So at that point your race became totally free, so stand on your own damn 2 feet, stop with the crime, graduate from school, and start being PARENT’S. It’s called PERSONAL RESPONSIBILITY!! Debate over!! I challenge you to debate me back, although i know you won’t, as i said you just expect to get by in life on your skin color.

  • RationaliseThis

    I found it quite interesting that I came across your prescient post 2 years after you made it.
    “You say we need to have a public debate on racism, you know you don’t really want to have that debate, as you would lose”
    BLM is doing EVERYTHING in its power to avoid a debate with rational arguments and facts because they know they will loose. Whomever is providing the funding and organisation knows they would loose a debate on and is using techniques to avoid debate and reason at all costs. I doubt this is even led by Black people.