I have been a fan of Harmonica Sunbeam’s ever since I was turned on to her by some friends of mine in Los Angeles.  We took this photo in Washington D.C. two years ago when we both happenend to be in town and I checked out her show.

Many of you are familiar with Harmonica Sunbeam but for those who are not, Harmonica Sunbeam, The Queen of Comedy, has been delighting audiences at nightclubs, cabarets, and fundraising events up and down the East Coast for 10 years now. Her live appearances, as well as her series of personalized video tapes, have gained her a cult following of all ages, races , and back grounds; but with her unique yet classic style and razor-sharp wit, she has all the necessary ingredients for mainstream stardom.

Until recently, Harmonica hosted the weekly Sunday show at La Escuelita , New York’s premier gay Latin dance club.

Last year, she had a guest role in Law & Order playing a transgender prostitute.

Needless to say, she’s a very talented member of our community.

Recently, Harmonica went public with the fact that she has HIV/AIDS and has fallen ill.  I was stunned to read the news and my heart goes out to her.

Over the years, Harmonica has performed at many pride events, clubs and parties.  She’s been a part of this community.

Please take some time to send her a message of encouragement today.

Email her are trakk13@aol.com.