LOCATION: Litchfield Park, Arizona
VICTIM(S): 25-year-old African-American Female and Family

Since the occurrences of hate crimes against African-Americans are being played out in the mainstream media in a way they have never been in the 30 years I’ve been on this Earth and at such a rapid rate where there seems to be one or two every week, I thought I’d inform you of the latest hate crime against a Black person.

A 25-year-old Black mother returned to find her Litchfield Park home had burglarized with racial slurs scrawled on the bedroom walls of her children

The hate words were written all in nearly every room, according to deputies.

Graffiti included a swastika drawn next to the derogatory racial epithets and sexual terms, investigators said.

The victim has lived in the Litchfield Park home for several years, without incident, deputies said.

Since the first hate crime against Blacks was committed, that being when we were captured and forcefully brought over here to America so serve as slaves, crimes against Blacks have continued on, even to present day.  What happened in Litchfield, Arizona should be of no surprise to anyone reading this blog.