Hear Audio of Michael Richardson Being Notified Via Voicemail by Coroner’s Office

As it has already been discussed, Michael Richardson, Mitrice’s father and next of kin, was never notified in person the Los Angeles Coroner’s office or Sheriff’s Department about yesterday pres conference as it pertains to his daughter being found.

Here’s the phone call.  Now you tell me, does it make sense to go ahead with a press conference when you have not spoken with the next of kin for the deceased?  Does a voicemail now constitute as contacting the next of kin?  Would this fly with a military family?

And Baca’s response too it all, well that just takes the cake.

The Court of Public Opinion

  • Nicki

    I am still in shock and deeply saddened by the outcome of Mitricie’s whereabouts… HOWEVER, how can we trust the County Coroner’s Office?? How do we know they ain’t lying, what proof has been given that those remains are in fact Mitrice?? Why would they hold a conference without contacting and confirming with her Father? *SMH* It’s a damn shame and makes no sense!!

    This NEVER should have happened, and may God have mercy on the souls of the police who let Mitrice leave. A single woman, ALONE, with no money, keys, or phone, in the middle of the night. *SMH* they knew better, and this story keeps getting more and more twisted… we need JUSTICE FOR MITRICE and to makes sure that this never happens again to anyone else. Much love to Michael and family, I cannot imagine what they are feeling and going through right now, stay strong, there are still tons of people who support you and have your back and will fight for you and more importantly for Mitrice.

  • Yona

    Her next kin are the only ones that can file a missing person report. Her mother was that next of kin. Her mother was contacted. The voicemail was left for the father to call the coroner office. How did he know there was a press conference.