Hear the Audio from Press Conference Confirming Skeletal Remains as Mitrice Richardson’s

Because the truth must be heard and because Mitrice Richardson’s life cannot be summed up in a 60 second news story nor can you count on it to be accurate or for the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department to tell you the truth.

This is what was said and what happened.

The Court of Public Opinion

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Link to audio of what happened after the press conference–a few choice words for the Sheriff’s Department.

The Court of Public Opinion

  • Yona

    Baca’s voice is as shaky as I have ever heard it

  • April

    I am listening to the conference right now. They (investigation/pd) seem to have been keeping the family pretty well in the dark throughout this whole thing. The family should always be notified of anything long before the media!!

  • nappypride

    I have been watching this investigation very closely since you first brought it to our attention almost a year ago. I am deeply saddened by the discovery of Mitrice’s remains and send my condolences to the family and you as well Jasmyne.

    I do not think that the Mailbu police put their hands on her to cause her death but I do believe their indifference about both her physical and mental state makes them 1000% responsible for it happening. I believe that if at least 1 officer in that police station would have cared enough to at least see that she had a ride from up there or at least made sure she was in contact with her family, she would be here w/her family right now. Its a horrible tragedy but Malibu PD needs to take responsibility for this.

    Again Jasmyne my condolences and thanks so much for caring about us and giving us a voice in our own community.

  • Isidra

    This really looks bad for the Sheriff’s department. Who amongst us has a helicopter? And why was the good Sheriff so testy when questioned about why he did not inform Mr. Richardson of her daughter’s death before the press conference? At least the second guy had the sensitivity to apologize. What is going on here?

    Start listening at 14:11. That is the part that will unravel this case.

  • Isidra

    There is also a part 2.

  • Future Lawyer Again

    The fucking Malibu cops killed her.

    This is totally unusual behavior by Baca given all his past press conferences to the Media. Any decent human being should be OUTRAGED by his lack of sensitivity on live T.V.!!!

    Fucking murdering inept cops hiding behind the fucking badge they are sworn to uphold. Those cops shitted on the laws of the land of this nation. I hope the cops who did this rot in HELL and tormented about this shit. NO FUCKING EXCUSE.

    Who needs criminals when you have these police who are no different from CRIMINALS???

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