Move over Michael Vick and make room for rapper DMX.

In case you haven’t heard the latest news in American media’s fascination with all things four-legged, rapper DMX’s Phoenix home was searched during an investigation into claims of animal cruelty.

During the search, the police found about a half-pound of suspected illegal narcotics, three bodies of dead dogs buried in the backyard, and assault-style weapons.

Apparently, someone made allegations to the police that DMX’s pit bulls were not being  given enough food or water.

Who could forget DMX’s memorable hits including “Get at Me Dog,” “For My Dogs,” “Dogs for Life,” “The Kennel,” “Dog Love,” “Walk These Dogs,” and of course “Dogs Out.”

And what about the lyrics to “Dog Intro" from his 2003 album Grand Champion.

Yep Yep Yep….[Barking in background]
[Talkin] I dont realy humans that much these days
Hmm shit, fact of the matter is, i trust dawgs more than i trust humans
Shit, nothin like that dawg love i tell you
Not just any dawg, [barking] gotta be a Pit Bull
Yep, thats the only dawg for me
(Cough, cough) You dont wanna get caught in a pit with one a them boy
They make good companians, but even worse enemys
Its all on how you take it [Talking]

Uh, you know how we do baby, aight, Grand Champ, you know how we do
Scratch all day, match all weight, fuck nigga, cant be fuckin serious……

Raccoon aint nuttin but a big cat

In 2002, Simmons, 36, pleaded guilty to animal cruelty, disorderly conduct and possession of drug paraphernalia in New Jersey.

Police said they found pipes for smoking crack cocaine, a pistol and 13 pit bulls at his home in 1999.

So where was DMX? 

DMX, whose real name is Earl Simmons, according to his lawyer wasn’t even home and hadn’t been for two months.  A caretaker was looking after the dogs.

Well on the bright side of things, at least DMX’s caretaker didn’t meet the same fate as actor Ving Rhames’.

So far there have been no signs of dogfighting.  DMX better thank his lucky stars and hope to God there never are, because PETA would be all over him in a heart beat.  As it is, I am sure PETA is going to have something to say about the three dead dogs in the backyard.

In the spirit of consistency, can we expect to see Black America’s civil rights organization raise up their voices in support of DMX if charges are filed against him?  Even with the guns and drugs and his constant use of the “N,” “B,” and “H” words in his lyrics?  I guess we’ll just have to wait and see.  Now that would truly be interesting if it happened.

And what’s up with the guns?  I thought DMX was a rapper.  Rapper’s don’t bang in the streets anymore, they’re above all that.  They just talk about it now and act it out on their videos.