He’s Back! Fired LAPD Detective Frank Lyga Sues for Discrimination

We’re not against the police.  We’re not against the police department, but we are against police who commit misconduct and those who help to cover it up.


Looks like fired Los Angeles police detective Frank Lyga has resurfaced.  Apparently Lyga is suing the City of Los Angeles for discrimination–I know, I know, we’ll get to that later.

For those not hip to the Detective Frank “I could have killed a whole truck load of them” Lyga, let’s take a trip back down memory lane.

Back in the olden days of 1997, Frank Lyga shot and killed LAPD Officer Kevin Gaines during a heated traffic dispute between the two.  According to the investigation, neither Lyga nor Gaines knew the other was a police officer.  During the altercation, Lyga put his gun on his lap for protection when Gaines allegedly pulled beside him, yelled, “I’ll cap you, motherfucker!” and pointed a gun at him. Lyga shot Gaines twice, he acknowledges in the complaint.

After Gaines’ death and seemingly in the tradition of the LAPD, Gaines’ character was severely assassinated.

The LAPD’s investigation claimed that Gaines was working for Death Row Records producer Suge Knight and was romantically involved with Knight’s estranged wife, Sharitha Knight.

Lyga says that investigation also revealed that two of Gaines’s associates were involved in criminal activities, and led to the Rampart Scandal, involving corrupt officers in the LAPD’s Rampart Anti-Gang CRASH unit.

Gaines’ death also sparked controversy because Gaines was black and Lyga is white.

Lyga was found to be acting in self-defense and was cleared of wrongdoing by the LAPD and District Attorney’s Office, but prominent African-American civil rights attorney Johnny Cochran filed a $25 million civil rights suit claiming Lyga intentionally killed Gaines because he was black, Lyga says.

The city settled that lawsuit for $250,000 though the judge determined that Lyga had acted within LAPD guidelines, Lyga says. He says he had “had to live with the charge that he was a racist cop-killer despite the truth of the matter.”

Fast forward to 2014 when I was made hip to audio of Lyga speaking before a training class bragging and boasting about the killing of Gaines.

Before a room full of police officers of various ranks and from various agencies Lyga recalls a conversation he had with famed civil rights and wrongful death attorney Carl Douglas.

Lyga says, “The last thing I want to say is that Carl Douglas hit me up and said, ‘did you intend to shoot him’?”

With his colleagues laughing in the background, Lyga says he responded to Douglas by saying, “I hit him, didn’t I?”

He says that Douglas asked if it was an accident to which Lyga replied  “No it wasn’t an accident.”

Lyga then says Douglas asked if he had any regrets. “I said yeah,” according to Lyga.  “No, I regret that he was alone in his truck at the time.”

Lyga then goes on to say to his colleagues, “Figure that one out. Hear that?  Alone in the truck at the time.  I could have killed a whole truckload of ’em…and would have been happily doing it–doing so.”

Lyga then went on to disparage then 77th Division Captain I Lillian L. Carranza  by telling everyone within earshot that she couldn’t find her ass with both her hands because someone else’s hands were always on it and because she’s been “tossed around” a couple of times.

Lyga also referred to late civil rights attorney Johnnie Cochran as a “crooked-lipped motherfucker” and attorney Carl Douglas as [Johnnie Cochran’s] “little Ewok assistant.”

But the plot thickens.

Shortly after my first post on Frank Lyga’s rant I received a copy of a November 18, 2013 memo to Assistant Chief Earl Paysinger from an unnamed officer, that detailed how Detective Frank Lyga threatened to go to the media after he shot and killed Kevin Gaines in 1997. Lyga told his audience, including members of the LAPD,Glendale Police Department, California Highway Patrol,Los Angeles Port Police, and Los Angeles Unified School Police, that then Chief Bernard Parks wanted to “send him to another unit” after the shooting to “hide him for awhile.” Lyga said that he was “pissed” and told his Captain at the time that “if Parks puts me there I’m going to the media and tell them that this was a sanctioned hit on Gaines by the LAPD.

This happened in November of 2013 and despite records showing that the LAPD brass was made aware of what had been said immediately after it happened, the Department failed to take any action to address Lyga’s comments until the L.A. Weekly’s Dennis Romero and  KNBC 4’s Patrick Healy ran the first news reports on my blog post. After that, the rest is history.

Lyga was placed on administrative leave and was eventually fired–coincidentally that decision was announced on my birthday last year. Talk about a happy birthday to me, lol.

To this day, the death of Gaines still remains a controversial issue within the LAPD among the few Black police officers who were on the job in 1997 who see it as murder while their white counterparts claim it was self-defense.  Needless to say, Lyga still enjoys a lot of support from old-timers in the Department who I can tell you from the many, many emails  I received were sorry to see him go.

But not I.  I would have held the door open for him if given the opportunity and let it hit him where the good Lord split him.

So let’s get to today’s news.

According to Court House News, Lyga sued the City of Los Angeles in Federal Court last Thursday, alleging racial discrimination and civil rights violations.

The report says that Lyga says he did not know the conversation was being recorded by police Officer Bruce Stallworth, who was friends with Kevin Gaines.

Stallworth released the comments to the press in June 2014 (I guess that would be me) and filed a personnel complaint against Lyga, which prompted an Internal Affairs investigation. About two months later, Capt. Charles Hearn wrote a letter stating that Lyga “poses a significant liability to the department,” that his comments “are inconsistent with our principles and values,” and that he should be fired, according to the lawsuit.

Lyga says he apologized for his comments in a statement to the LAPD board of rights panel, saying: “I fully admit and recognize that the things I said were very wrong and I deeply regret that I used such poor judgment when I spoke that day. I have no excuse for what I did. I realize that my words were hurtful to many people as well as to the department. I accept responsibility for the harm I caused.”

He said he hoped he could continue to serve the LAPD, but the panel found in October that he should be fired for his remarks. Instead, Lyga says, he chose to retire early so he could collect pension benefits.

Lyga claims he has suffered “physical illness and physical injuries” and mental distress from the humiliation of being fired and “from the defamation and the attacks on his character.”

Yeah, okay.

Court House News says that Lyga claims the LAPD had no evidence that he is racist, but fast-tracked his termination because he is white and because his statements made the LAPD look like a racist institution.

Lyga claims he was fired because of political pressure from the African-American community “based on their unfounded allegations that Lyga was a racist cop killer.”

He claims he would not have been fired if he were black, and that black officer would not be fired for making the same statements he did.

To make it right, Lyga wants $300,000 in compensatory and statutory damages, special damages, back pay, front pay and reinstatement.  Yes–he wants to come back to work.

Oh Lord have mercy, this is going to be interesting.

Personally, I don’t think the LAPD needs cops like Frank Lyga on its payroll–and from what I can tell there are a few more relics of this ilk still collecting a pay check and on active duty.

I say goodbye and good riddens.

On a closing note, what I really want to know is, what happened to the 37 folks–give or a take a few– minus the one who reported the comments, who sat in that room laughing at everything Frank Lyga said?  Lyga’s comments, while disturbing, aren’t the only issue on that audio tape and the Department knows exactly who was in that room.





The Court of Public Opinion

  • 1) If LAPD had the tape in November of 2013 and did nothing, how can they claim in June of 2014 it was cause for termination?? I know, because the media had it, but it is so disingenuous of LAPD, but still….2) Has Bruce Stallworth been black balled or suffered retaliation???

  • I believe he has and yes, the Department knew all about it and it didn’t both Paysinger enough it seems to move on it until the news media picked up the story.

  • robert peel

    once beck failed to fire the officer who is related to a retired chief it left the door open for cases like this.

  • Joe

    Why is it that EVERY TIME they show a picture of Lyga next to Gains, Lyga is shown as a thug ( His LAPD undercover look), and the REAL THUG, Gangster, Gains,
    is shown in his LAPD uniform?? Never fails. I hope Lyga sues the shit out of the City and is allowed to go back to work. I guarantee someone out there has a picture of Gains in his REAL uniform (Blood gang attire). This whole Lyga Vs Gains thing is way over blown for one (Lyga) and way under stated for the other (Gains).. Get over it people. Gains was a gang member with a badge.

  • This is an example of the ardent support for Lyga in the LAPD. But I’m sure Joe is no more racist than Frank.

  • Joe

    ??? Why would you say that Jasmyne?? Everything I said is based on documented FACTS. I will support anyone who has been black balled in the name of Political Pressure. I’m supporting you in ur BS arrest too. I hope and think you’ll win. As far as me being a racist, would it surprise you if I told you i’m African American?? With a Masters from USC. Political Science… Come on Jas, don’t make yourself look foolish here. You got a good thing going here, don’t mess it up.
    Fist Up!

  • Because Lyga was wrong Joe. Why defend him? Would it surprise you to know half of my family is white and I spent most of my childhood growing up in Hermosa Beach? The comments Lyga made were racist and sexist. Do you need to listen to the whole tape again?

  • robert peel

    im pretty sure im white lol but due to quiet a disfunctional family not sure who any of them are beyond my grandparents

  • Listen the entire tape. Lyga says he saw Gaines weeks prior to murdering him. “That’s how he knew who I was.” Lyga and Gaines worked at West LA Division together. Lyga never told investigators that he knew Gaines. I know that for a fact because I spoke to the lead investigator. Lyga is consumed with guilt. That’s why he rants when he doesn’t need to, just like all the other murders in prison.

  • cutty sark

    I’m no attorney, but I’m guessing that Frank Lyga sought and filed this Federal civil rights employment discrimination case on sound legal advise.
    A paltry $300,000 in damages and reinstatement to his position with LAPD are not the true motivating factors driving Lyga’s lawsuit.
    Frank Lyga hooked a spool of rope and ran it like a wild pony all the way out to the end of Pier 49.
    The man still has some decades left to live. If he wants to live them out as a free man then he needs to grab that slack and start walking it back.
    Lyga should thank Stallworth for helping him get started on organizing his legal defense case.
    Because it may not be this year and it may not be next year, but reality will set a date with Lyga in the form of criminal prosecution for homicide.

  • Bruce

    Hello to all, I just wanted to give a little insight on Lyga and the shooting of Officer Kevin Gaines. In the summer of 1996 and working as a police officer in Pacific Div. For those of you who doesn’t know, Officer Gaine was also working there with me. So let me continue. The rampart scandal had just broke, and I had just left the crash unit for a better job but still at Pacific Div. So one early morning I backed a patrol car on a radio call involving a domestic dispute whereas a suspect had pointed a gun at his girlfriend. So, let me fast forward to what happen. The suspect was a male black, who had just been release from prison. Upon my arrival, the suspect was seated on his living room couch. He was been very disrespectful to the two white officers that were detaining him. As I stood there and listen to his verbiage, I couldn’t take it anymore. As a result I asked the senior officer if I could offer my assistance. Yea, that how I do it. I don’t jump someone else’s call. Fast forward, the suspect was currently on parole, what that means is you have pretty much no rights. So the meat of this story is coming, I hope I haven’t lost you. So I eventually found the gun in his apartment and happily , like Lyga said offer him a ride to jail. Well this suspect true colors came out as soon as I started driving. I thought I had a baby crying for his bottle in my back seat. Long story short, I turned him into my snitch. Guess what, he gave up two homicides and Suge Knight. Lol, that was the same day, I found out that there was a Deathrow Task force combine with a multi agency. Wow, did I forget to mention Lapd narcotic and internal affairs. Well guess who was working Lapd narcotic. Do I need to say more. Last but not lease. Have you notice that every single person who investigated the Rampart scandal all promoted. Make one think, hummmmmm. Stand by to more to come from Anonymous . Last thing, I will reveal myself at the end of my last post. More to come. Stand by Lapd , I’m telling it all. I can only hope the FBI is listening. Oops, I forgot they were involved too.

  • Bruce

    Hello again, I really must say that it sad that Lapd harbors all these racist cops. Like this idiot name Joe who posting all these things about Officer Gaines. So this post is for you Joe. Not only did I know Officer Gaines and Detective Lyga. I was involved in the case from beginning to now. So my first question to you asshole, is what evidence or gang photos do Lapd have of Officer Gaines . I’m sure they would have shown, don’t you think. Also, why don’t they have a 1099 from him working for Deathrow? Oh I forgot, your just like that racist cop Lyga . By the way, during the lawsuit of the Gaines family, I was privilege and invited to see Lyga work package. That right you racist, Lyga had several complaint for racial slurs. Yes, you are hearing it first hand. I remember one allegation, he placed a black female head against a tree and told her he would hang her from there. So, I ask you Joe do you want more. See you have the same attitudes that most of these white Officers, that drive 50 to 70 miles to work The inner city. Why don’t you work where you live. I’m sure Joe lives in Riverside or somewhere like that. By the way I’m sure Joe has a take home car complement of Lapd. Yep that how Lapd rolls. So the next time you little racist come on this form and start talking about facts you don’t know. I will give more secrets of Lapd. Keep it up and I promise to tell it all. It’s best that you racist cops keep your comments to yourself or I will give the facts. Lapd can’t handle the truth. Last thing about Officer Stallworth suffering any retaliation. Why don’t you ask him, he’s listening. Lol, follow his lawsuit, he’s been going though it for 18 yrs, every since he spoke out against the corrupt officials within Lapd. Lol, they just couldn’t get rid of him. I guess he’s smarter then them….

  • Bruce

    Well Joe if your black then I feel sorry for you and your family. You should turn in blackness. You must be one of them brother who grew up shelter. If you got facts, other then what you were told then present them. Otherwise shut the hell up. Uncle!!!!

  • The infamous Shaun “Monkey” Hillmann??

  • “So this post is for you Joe. Not only did I know Officer Gaines and Detective Lyga. I was involved in the case from beginning to now. So my first question to you asshole, is what evidence or gang photos do Lapd have of Officer Gaines .”
    Game, set and MATCH!

  • “Long story short, I turned him into my snitch.”
    Awesome story…

  • Only one thing could make it better;

    “Long story short, I turned him into my Bitch.”

  • just leave it alone

    Joe on this one you are wrong. Kevin Gaines was not a game member nor a thug. Actually at the time of the incident he was helping with a youth pop warner football team. You will not see him in gang attire and lastly he was working security at a usc building for college students he was the security guy there like a lot of other officers have and still do for apartment complexes. He liked to dress when he went out and yes he was dating a young attractive woman who happened to be separated from a music guy sue knight. He was actually in love with her as she was a very special person and still is to this day. He had kids who he adored and he loved to watch the horse races. He played jokes on dudes and some real good ones as he even got me. He stood up for himself and at times didn’t take mess from peoole. He treated me like a brother and my dad like he was his own pops. We were all young and wanted to have fun so going to a club or fancy spot was common. So to bash him without knowing him brotha is wrong. Why not bash me a 28 year cop because he was with me the night frank saw us. I don’t get involved that much because I have moved on its been a very long time
    But to side with this behavior is plain sick. Your siding with guys like russell Poole and others makes me sick.to my stomach. Man I don’t bash and I would wish that guys that no clue would just leave it alone. Frank has to battle his own thing and he has to live with it

  • robert peel

    yes hillman,it created a whole world of problems and we are seeing the results

  • robert peel

    bruce i understand your frustration but there have been many good white officers on the job so dont lump us all in together.i could name dozens of black officers who lived well outside the city also.iv stuck up for black officers at board of rights where no other black supervisors would .

  • Tyndon Clusters

    Is it not possible that Lyga is a racist (no doubt about it) and Gaines was a dirty cop (he was)? So we have the racist white cops backing up a murderer and the black cops backing up a very compromised, corrupt bad cop. 1099s? thats hysterical. Suge would give him a bunch of rolled up 100s. Cash can’t be traced. Come on Bruce, you know that and threw that in to try and show Gaines was pure. He wasn’t and you know it. Also, why no mention of David Mack? I ran against him in track many times when he went to Locke and was so surprised when that guy went 100% OG thug criminal. Mack and Gaines knew each other well. They were in the same Mob Piru Bloods gang, so whats with the whitewashing (no pun intended) of his checkered past?

    So, its like the OJ trial. The cops framed a guilty guy. Black folk knew LAPD planted the evidence (of course) and OJ did get away with murder (of course). So the black folk rallied around a killer and the white folk rallied around a racist force (Furhman).

    Can’t we all get along and see this for what it was? Two horrible cops playing into their own insane world view (Gaines hated cops and Lyga hated blacks) and one died as a result.

    Those who support Lyga are demented and those that support Gaines are willfully ignorant.

  • Joe

    Lol. 10.99?? Seriously? WOW. Yes I am Black. I’m married to a black women, and I have black children; how crazy is that. You Bruce, need some re training in your stupid ass Racist comments. “Uncle?” as in Tom ?? There you have it folks, Stupidity in it’s finest. I don’t think I need to say more, it’s pretty obvious. SMH… Hey Jasmyne, what you said wouldn’t surprise me one bit. If heard you speak in public, it’s obvious your educated, smart, well mannered, and not Ignorant like Bruce. Bruce, If you were “Privileged” to see classified documents like you SAY… Then obviously no have no integrity or respect to all parties involved. Bet you retired, went back to Venice Beach, and now smoking weed everyday.. With a Medical Card of course. smh

  • “Stupidity in it’s finest…Jasmyne, what you said wouldn’t surprise me one bit. If heard you speak in public, it’s obvious your educated…”
    Your = possession, ownership
    You’re = contraction of “you are”

  • Can man

    Man pure huh. That’s a joke did u know Kevin. And I know I’m not ignorant as you say. Man people come on this bs with so much foolish talk. David mack wasn’t killed so it’s no need to mention him. Please don’t share stuff like that bro. It makes you look like a fool to the dudes that knew him. Because you would know me. Was I a thug also!!!!!

  • Christopher Dorner thought he was getting sound legal advise when he filed his lawsuit also.

  • Can man

    Well sir shame on you. Where were you on that day in march of 1997. For most of us it was not a good day.

  • Anonymous

    Hello to all,
    This is what I want to know vs all the drama that I’m hearing against Officer Kevin Gaines and Frank Lyga. With all the evidence that have been put out there with the killing of Officer Kevin Gaines I want to know what is the LAPD, U.S. Attorney office, DOJ and the FBI is gonna do with the evidence that is at hand. We have Frank Lyga admitting to killing Officer Kevin Gaines on the streets of Hollywood in 1997. Frank Lyga told on himself in a classroom setting with a class that was filled with numerous law enforcement officers.What did he say? When Carl Douglas ask him did he Intend to shoot Him. Frank Lyga response was I shot him didn’t I …only thing I regret he was the only one in the truck at the time. I could have shot a truck load of them! Really all the evidence is out there for criminal charges to be brought up on Frank Lyga, let’s investigate Officer Kevin L. Gaines murder as a homicide. And to let it be known he wasn’t a THUG COP! And another thing, if you didn’t know Officer Kevin Gaines don’t speak on him!! Tired of the BS!! I gave respect to the one that is gone not the one that is here.

  • Tyndon Clusters

    Hey, I am sure to Lyga’s white friends, he was a “good, solid cop” too, but we know better. Gaines was no saint and I don’t want to drag out some of his previous episodes which undermines your testament to his “purity”.

    The guy knew Suge and his background, hung with David Mack, was a member of the Mob Piru bloods and was associating with some, lets face it, questionable characters. PERIOD. By denying any of the above, you undermine your credibility. Mack and I ran track. He was one of the fastest 800 meter men in US history and would have gone to the Olympics if not for an injury. How some can change is staggering. You just can’t judge a book by its cover.

    Lyga is a murdering racist. Gaines was not an altar boy but by no means does that mean he should be dead.

    This is the problem, both sides become cheerleaders for their “boy” and completely neglect the reality of the situation: Two bads cops who are a reflection of the Gates era insanity and lax oversight by precinct captains.

  • Can man

    This is not a white vs black issue at this point. Guys like frank just had no tolerance for as he would call those people. When he painted you as a thug or whatever that’s how he treated you. My thing is during his rant ot comedy show he embellished the story. He talked about paysinger who was not even involved. He really join comic view or go on tour because he a cracking joke type of guy. Really he is the old lapd and has been put out to pasture. His name is like ray rice at this point and Ray will be in the league as an all pro before this guy gets his job back

  • robert peel

    no excuse this language would not have been tolerated at any of the stations i worked,every officer should be made to go back into patrol after 2 years .you have guys working narco for 25 to 30 years.

  • Citizen

    Funny how you seem to point out grammatical and spelling errors for Joe, but you praise the hell out of Bruce who had all kinds of spelling and grammatical errors throughout his whole paragraph.

  • Citizen

    Do you just cum yourself every time some bozo who writes like a 5th grader, writes something negative about the LAPD?

  • Citizen

    I think you just busted a nut again…

  • Hi Frank!!! Your lawsuit is going to get dismissed at the get go… 12-b-6 motion…bye bye!!!!

  • Citizen

    LOL this isn’t Frank… I’m not even white, but go ahead and keep using those tissues to clean yourself off.

  • Your nose grew 40 feet with that whopper Frank!

  • Bruce

    Lol, Joe apparently you think I’m somebody else retired and smoking weed. So let’s set the record straight. Apparently your nose so far up Lapd butt, you would believe anything they say. But I’m sure if was your child and Lapd said he hung out with some crips and blood you would say ok boss. Officer Kevin Gaines was my friend and he was not a gangs member. The only thing he was guilty of was dating the wife of sugar knight. Now I agree that was very distasteful on his part. I even told him that he should wait until her divorce was final. However, he was a grown man and that was their choice. But to tell the truth, it’s shameful that people just believe everything they here including Joe. I’ll tell you this joe, there is a God in heaven and you better humble yourself to him. Just like Lyga thought he could kill a man and his life would just go on like clock work. Look at him now! Joe, I don’t know anything about you, you might even be a nice guy. But what facts are your comments base on? Like most people on Lapd they here that a person is or was a asshole and they run with it. That’s why this department is so divided now. They made Internal Affairs the largest div within Lapd. Now every officer is quick to turn against his brother. Sounds familiar (slavery) they just took the color away. Lapd doesn’t care what color you are if you piss them off stand by. So Joe I’m gonna put myself out there. I apologize for calling you a uncle and after I wrote that I felt bad. I’m really just upset how people have no facts but continue to insult a man base on Lapd and Russell Poole. Chief Kenny Garner was a very close friend. When all this stuff happen he knew it was all lies. Kenny even told Poole not to retire and to let this stuff go. But he said Poole was intent on marking Chief parks look bad. So the facts are what they are. Lapd knew that Lyga shooting was bad. So they had a choice. Go after a racist cop or make Gaines look like a bad cop. Those are the facts rather you like them or not. My father in heaven knows my heart, so what you think of me or anybody else for that matter doesn’t mean a thing. I’ll finish with this. If Lapd doesn’t have anything to hide, then open all the files and let a independent agency conduct their investigation. Remember murder has no statue. As far as someone talking about my integrity when I saw Lyga package . You should question your on integrity if you haven’t seen any facts. God bless you all.

  • cutty sark

    My point about Lyga’s civil lawsuit against the department – it was filed on advice from his “criminal defense” attorney.

    Det. Lyga appears to have made a voluntary confession to over 20 law enforcement officers regarding the murder of Officer Gaines.

    Lyga doesn’t need reinstatement – he needs to stay out of the defendants docket in a state or federal criminal trial.

    The employment discrimination suit is a 2 level defense strategy.

    The lawsuit demonstrates Lyga actively fighting to contain how his voluntary confession should be perceived and interpreted.

    Lyga’s suit points out that he was not aware someone was recording his presentation –
    which means Lyga thought he was speaking “off the record”.

    Lyga admits to causing hurt feelings when the recording took his statements beyond the immedeate audience. He admits the recording contributed to negative publicity for the department. He is sorry about it, but those aren’t crimes.

    Lyga needs to convince prosecutors and potential juries he was simply making a stupid, ill-timed attempt at dark humour or boasting to impress or entertain the audience in the room that day. Lyga’s lawsuit argues that Stallworth’s recording should not be taken as an accurate description of the shooting of Officer Gaines.

    If anyone wants to hear the sincere, definitive truth on the shooting, Lyga will testify to being placed in immedeate fear of danger to his life for which there was no effective method for retreat or protective cover, thus forcing him into the only viable alternative available – shoot to kill his potential attacker for the sole purpose of self-defense

    On another level, Lyga’s civil suit represents a vieled threat against the department. Lyga understands his unchecked ego has now painted himself into a corner. The lawsuit is warning off the dept from offering any assistance or encouragement towards a potential criminal prosecution for killing Officer Gaines.
    I’m ready to drag everyone and everything down alongside me, near me and around me if i go down – that’s the paper fortune placed inside Lyga’s civil suit.

  • Tituba

    Look, I’m not a grammar or spelling Nazi. We get excited when we respond to emotional subjects and sometimes forget to check our spelling. But how the hell were some of you LAPD officers? I would hate to read your arrest reports. My head would hurt.

  • Truth be told

    Bruce, what are you talking about? You don’t know anything about Lyga’s work history. The more lies you make up, the dumber you sound. If Stallworth was so smart, then why is he a 25 year PII? If you have more, let’s hear it!

  • Boston Dawna

    OK for all of you who think you know what happened her’s the story. Mack, a cop was working West LA & dating Parks’s daughter. He was robbing banks & Parks’s daughter was the get-a-way driver.Gaines and Stallworth were riding the desk at Pacific . Gaines was living with Suge Knights ex-wife. He was wearing $5,000. suits & driving $150,000 cars. He also had over $300,000.00 in the bank. A month before he was killed a 911 phone call was made to LAPD of shots fired in a valley neighborhood. The cops came talked to yes ,Gaines, and it turns out it was no shots fired. Case closed. WRONG! Because Gaines filed a complaint against LAPD saying they called him racial slurs and physically abusing him. Internal affairs was giving the task to investigate. Who made the 911 call, were there shots really fired and was LAPD really out of control. WELL everything on the 911 call was taken to the FBI they investigated & it turns out it was Gaines who made the call. The investigation now turned to Gaines. Phone records, bank accounts , cars, and why and who he was living with and working off duty. He was refused a permit to work off duty for death row records but was working anyways, along with Mack, Perez, and 6 Englewood cops. Gaines was set to be fired on March 19 1997. On March 18 1997 Lyga an undercover narcotics cop was on the freeway mysteriously Gaines pulls up next to him. Waving his gun saying he was going to kill him. Lyga not knowing who Gaines was only that he was about to get his head blown off opened his mic. exited the freeway & shots rang out. Oh did I momentum it was ll caught on tape from cameras around the area. Gaines was dead.Oh did I mention Cief Parks immediately sided with Gaines and called it a racist shooting. All hell broke loose. Then Perez went to drug evidence room and signed out a massive amount of coke. Hello that’s how he got caught and the Rampart scandal was brought to the forefront. Oh did I mention Peraz took Lyg’s coke to make it look like he did it. But Perez wasn’t that bright. Cameras & signature DAHHHHHHHHHHHHH. Mack was being followed and finally got busted. Gaines never got fired because he wanted death by cop Probably a white cop). Parks ordered every person in LAPD to lower flag and attend Gaines’s funeral NO EXCUSES. No one wanted to go and Pacific Captain was ordered to lower flag or be demoted. The attendance at funeral was mostly gang bangers Imagine that. Mack finally went to prison Stallworth was transferred, Gaines was dead & perez well he ended up walking in the Rampsrt scandal while everyone else got screwed because he lied. Perez now drives

    a limo for Harvey Weinstein’s daughter. There is a little more but that should cover it for all those who THIONK THEY KNOW WHAT HAPPENED

  • Can man

    Where in the the hell did you get that story. You should write a book

  • neroden

    Wow. I only just learned about this case — why isn’t it being reported in other media?!?!

    That 2013 memo is dynamite: an officer who has clear evidence of gangsterism during the 1990s in the top ranks of the LAPD, including Lyga bragging about a “sanctioned hit”. It’s rather unfortunate that the witness, who has according to the memo given his recordings to attorneys and contacted friends in the state AG office, has been unable or unwilling to do what it takes to bust the LAPD crime gang, but obviously he’s rationally afraid of the crime gang.

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