My boy Bashir over at The Message Show posted an interesting post on their blog about hip hop’s roots and gays.

And I quote:

"My English teacher in High School (whose last name was, I kid you
NOT, "English") was in New York in the turbulent early seventies…a
time Diallo and I refer to as the "awesome" period.

He was one
of those rare teachers we all had whose past suggests a more circuitous
route to teaching. A route that including some cool times. 

So he was in New York during the Ford Presidency and left for Chicago just before Keith Haring and Jean Michel Basquiat.

Mr. English once made a claim that riled us up.

guys like rap? I remember when it first started in New York. All those
early rappers, gay. A lot of rap, or at least the scene that was the
precursor to rap, got started in the gay clubs and then got big in the

So, of course, we had a spirited discussion for the next week about how Mr. English could go to hell.

dare he assume that his experience in New York in the early seventies
had ANYTHING to do with A Tribe Called Quest or Fu-Schnickens! or
Grayson and Jayson? (Livin’ Like a Trooper anyone?)


Thoughts anyone?  I just want to say that I am SURE that Bashir isn’t that naive to think that hip hop wasn’t influenced in any way by lesbians and gays.  It was then and it still is now.


Remember when it was cool to wear your pants ON your ass and fitting and you weren’t called the f-word for doing so?


Early Dre (1984)