He’s back.  Bennie Man is scheduled to perform in the gay friendly city of Long Beach Saturday, February 16th at the 27th Annual Ragga Muffins Festival at the Long Beach Arena.

You may remember last year when Black LGBT bloggers launched a successful campaign against Beenie Man and TOK who had been
scheduled to perform at an AIDS benefit concert put on by LIFEbeat, the
music industry’s AIDS charity.  The concert was cancelled.

Beenie Man was outraged that the concert was scrapped.

"I am kind of getting really fed up because they came down on us two
years ago, trying to take some songs we sang like 10 or 15 years ago,
and try to say okay we push (anti-homosexuality)," he told Billboard,
speaking out for the first time since the concert was canceled.

Although that’s not quite true because there have been numerous reports of Beenie Man performing those very songs in question here in the states as recent as last year.

to Beenie Man, “A batty man is a man dat like to have sex through the
rear; he isn’t gay. He could have a wife and kids, but just does
that… it’s also a word for the man that likes to indulge in kid
prostitution, which is frowned upon, so of course we will speak out.
Gay attacks happen everywhere, why blame it on Jamaican music? In
Jerusalem (Israel) if a person is gay, they can be taken to the middle
of the road and cut up. But they say we are the most homophobic country
in the world!”

Beanie Man, as you may recall, in his song
"Han Up Deh," sings, “Hang chi chi gal wid a long piece of rope.”
The term "chi chi" is a Jamaican reference to homosexuality. The term
is often used to refer to "chi chi men" but can also refer to lesbians
(chi chi women or chi chi girls). Loosely translated, the lyrics mean,
“Hang lesbians with a long piece of rope."