Each year when people sit down to watch the Academy Awards, they pretty much already know who they are rooting for, as was the case with me…Jennifer Hudson and Forest Whitaker.

I am so elated that both of them walked away with the night’s top honors.  They both deserved it for their performances and I hope that their wins will boost their careers in a way that has never been done before.

I remember going to see the Last King of Scotland when it first opened, before the buzz.  In fact, I blogged about it because I was so impressed with Whitaker’s performance.  At the time the film opened in Los Angeles, it was on maybe two screens but I knew after I saw the film that that would quickly change, and look at what’s happened.  Forest Whitaker has been staunch supporter of the Pan African Film and Arts Festival, even serving as the official co-host for this year’s event.  Last year, we at PAFF we celebrating the win of Tsotsi as Best Foreign Film and this year we celebrate Forest!  Africa is with us.

Dreamgirls has had a remarkable year and so has Jennifer Hudson.  My connection with the film and Jennifer is slightly different in that my good friend Ellene is her publicist and it was Ellene who first hipped me to what was going to happen with Jennifer and the film. 

Note to Ellene: You were right on the money.  Congrats on all of your hard work too!


And finally, I was in Albertson’s last night picking up a roasted chicken (it lasts me all week and keeps me out of the drive-thru), when I as I was standing in line to checkout, I saw Jennifer Hudson on the cover of Vogue Magazine looking beautiful as she represented women, Black women, and women over the size two.  Amazing is all I can say and well deserved.

P.S. Ellen was a great hostess too! She kept me laughing.