How the Feds Teamed Up with One SoCal Police Department to Racially Profile Blacks

We’re not against the police.  We’re not against the police department, but we are against police who commit misconduct (and those who help to cover it up).


Last October the OC Register published an article by Keegan Kyle (Racial disparity in Long Beach pot arrests, Oct. 3, 2013) looking at the high number of arrests involving marijuana made by the Long Beach Police Department. That same article presented crime data that showed that the department arrested Blacks at a much higher rate than any other race in the city.

Though they account for 13 percent of the city’s population, crime data show blacks were arrested in 44 percent of the Police Department’s pot cases.

The article went onto to note:

It’s unknown why Long Beach police logged such an unusual number of arrests – about 17,500 in total. Police said there has been no organized crackdown, and officers aren’t incentivized through a “quota.”

To which Deputy Police Chief David Hendricks replied, “that’s a myth. There isn’t really a focus on marijuana.”

Well that may or may not be true, but I’ll let you decide.

A January 29, 2014 email from U.S. Customs and Border Protection agent Kent Koike to Long Beach Police Department’s Lieutenant Jeffrey Liberman indicated that the agency had its eye on a certain cruise ship that was scheduled for departure on January 31.



To: “Jeffrey Liberman/PD/CLB (” <>,


Date: 01/29/2014 01:30 PM

Subject: Carnival Inspiration Super Bowl Cruise on Friday, January 31, 2014

Lieutenant Liberman,

On Friday, January 31, 2014, the Carnival Inspiration will be leaving from the H-4 Cruise terminal. Typically, the “Super Bowl” cruise has a lot of interesting individuals on board.

CBP will be conducting an outbound operation from approximately 1100 hours until the vessel sails.

Normally, when we find narcotics that do not meet the threshold for federal prosecution, we call LBPD to see if you are interested in making the arrest.

Would you like to participate this Friday in our operation?

Please feel free to call me on my cell (213) 798-XXXX if you would like more information or have any questions.

Thank you,

K. Rich Koike
Supervisory CBP Officer | Vessel Operations | Los Angeles-Long Beach Seaport |


Now you may be wondering who are the “interesting individuals” that Officer Koike was referring to. Well I’ll tell you. They’re African-Americans.

It’s no secret that the Carnival Inspiration Super Bowl Cruise attendees happen to be predominately African-American. It is an annual event that has grown in size and popularity.

And while kilos of cocaine and God only knows what else are being snuck into this country through our ports, Officer Koike along with Customs and Border Protection seemingly choose to focus their energy on the harassment of African-Americans. A party cruise that is not cheap and mostly attended by working people who use the event as a little mini-vacation and a chance to celebrate an American pastime, football and the Super Bowl.

Now keep in mind, this is an operation that Officer Koike has pretty much already admitted in his email won’t bear the fruit worthy of Federal prosecution, hence his reaching out to the Long Beach Police Department.

Normally, when we find narcotics that do not meet the threshold for federal prosecution, we call LBPD to see if you are interested in making the arrest.—U.S. Customs and Border Protection Officer Kent Koike

Now, let’s move onto to the Long Beach Police Department and Lt. Liberman’s response to Officer Koike’s email .


—–Jeffrey Liberman/PD/CLB wrote: —–

To: Greg Eldridge/PD/CLB@CLB

From: Jeffrey Liberman/PD/CLB

Date: 01/29/2014 02:57PM

Cc: Alex Avila/PD/CLB@CLB, Richard Rocchi/PD/CLB@CLB

Subject: Fw: Carnival Inspiration Super Bowl Cruise on Friday, January 31, 2014


FYI….There is a probability that your in custody load is going to be higher on Monday. CBP is planning a surge operation screening outbound passengers for the Cruise ship. The Super Bowl revelers will have extra dope we’re sure. We (PPD) aren’t going to support the operation due to staffing constraints, but there will likely be an increased number of calls for service generated for Patrol to take custody of the ner-do-wells.

See below…

Where to start.

First, Lt. Liberman is obviously in the wrong line of work. If this man can predict on Wednesday, January 29 that on Monday, February 3 there are going to be a lot of people in the jail, we don’t need him in Long Beach. No, we need to send this man overseas to Iraq and Eastern Ukraine to help give us the edge in predicting what ISIS and Russian President Vladimir Putin are planning. Why in the world are we wasting this man’s talents on pesky domestic issues like the racial profiling of Blacks?

The Super Bowl revelers will have extra dope we’re sure.—Long Beach Police Department’s Lieutenant Jeffrey Liberman

Who uses the word dope to describe drugs anymore in 2014? But I digressed.

The question you need to be asking yourself is how Lt. Liberman knows “for sure” that attendees of the Carnival Inspiration’s Super Bowl Cruise will have drugs. Were these drugs pre-planted on patrons? Or is Liberman partaking in that age-old tradition of racial profiling?

Then there’s the issue of the use of the word “ner-do-wells.”

I’ve already explained to you that most of the attendees on the cruise were African-American. The word “ner-do-wells” has historically been used in this country to describe Blacks as being lazy, criminals, underperforming and as never doing well.

Going back to that OC Register article, the Long Beach Police Department emphatically denied any wrongdoing as it related to Blacks and the high arrests related to marijuana.

Hendricks said the department is “committed to maintaining a positive working relationship with our diverse community” and officers are focused on illegal activity, not an individual’s race.

Well I think the two emails above prove that just isn’t the case. The department is focused on individual’s race. And as indicated earlier, can and will work in cahoots with their sister agencies to continue the harassment and racial profiling of African-Americans.

I don’t believe for one minute that Officer Koike sent that email to the Long Beach Police Department hoping that someone might be interested in joining his planned operation. I believe as does my sources that this is part of a pattern of behavior within the Long Beach Police Department as it relates to Blacks.

To date, I’m told that even though a complaint about this email exchange was made, the department has yet to investigate it and it’s already September.

Which brings me to Long Beach Police Chief Jim McDonnell, a 28-year veteran of the Los Angeles Police Department who is running for Los Angeles County Sheriff.

McDonnell’s relationship with the handful of Black officers in the department is not that great from what I’m told. According to my sources, the last African-American officer to make it off of probation and through training was in 2007. This officer was later fired after they filed a discrimination complaint against multiple supervisors.

McDonnell has only been the Chief in Long Beach for four years but he’s been there long enough to know something ain’t right. It’s very telling that the complaint regarding this email was not investigated or taken seriously by the Long Beach Police Department or the Department of Homeland Security’s U.S. Customs and Border Protection.

I’ll add that I know some stand up cops in SoCal of all races and none of them would ever engage in or cover up this kind of behavior for their department.  It’s this kind of stuff that makes their jobs harder and fuels the distrust of the public towards police officers.

For all of my Carnival Inspiration Super Bowl Cruise goers you might want to keep all of this in mind as you make plans for the 2015 cruise. They’re watching you that’s for sure.

According to the OC Register, the Long Beach Police Department reported making 549 felony and misdemeanor marijuana arrests in the past two years. About 46 percent of these arrests were of Blacks. Now we have an idea of why.

If none of the “civil rights” leaders and activists have anything to say about this, including the ones quoted in the OC Register’s article, I’d like to move that we designate and or nominate some new ones.


If you or someone you know was on the 2014 cruise and was questioned, detained, or arrested during Operation Dope Cruise, please by all means contact me.  I’d love to hear your story.

The Court of Public Opinion

  • cutty sark

    You “almost” got it right when you wrote:

    “And while kilos of cocaine and God only knows what else are being snuck into this country through our ports, Officer Koike along with Customs and Border Protection seemingly choose to focus their energy on the harassment of African-Americans.”

    No, they are not focusing their energy on the harassment of African-Americans!

    They are focusing their energy on gaining unimpeded access throughout that specific cruise ship for several hours on that specific date.

    The interesting people(paid passengers) trying to board the cruise ship have simply been chosen to play the role of “the usual suspects”. They serve as the pretense required for a very important operation involving the retrieval of a significant amount of something of considerable value.

  • Sergeant Cathy Marx

    What race were the other 54% of the arrests?

  • Greggiex

    Nice try on the “no Blacks made it off probation” at Long Beach PD “since 2007.” Uh, sorry, but there hasn’t even been a Long Beach PD recruit class graduate the academy since 2007 until quite recently, and those folks are still on probation. Yes, the LBPD is that badly understaffed.

    Get better sources.

  • Saint Sarkis

    WTF are you talking about. It’s eloquent prose but cryptic. Are you high
    on something right now? Did you read the email? How the frack did you
    deduce all that other snail $hit?

  • 2UrbanGirls

    How can you be so sure?

  • Greggiex

    To clarify , the department shrunk in numbers every year starting 2007 for 6 years. They did graduate one class in 2009 (my error, sorry) but still shrunk due to retirements. Latest graduates were 9 months ago, and a new class is in the hopper. Finally on a growth cycle, if it lasts. Just Google it!

  • Friendoftheprogram

    Class 84 graduated in 2008. Staffing peaked at about 1,020 officers in 2009. I use Bing!

  • Friendoftheprogram

    And how many blacks are in that class that is now on probation?

  • 2UrbanGirls

    My sources tell me the following:
    Class 81 in 2005 had (5) black recruits of which 2 are still employed;
    Class 82 in 2006 had (9) black recruits of which 0 are still employed;
    Class 83 in 2007 had (4) black recruits of which 0 are still employed;
    Class 84 in 2008 had (2) black recruits of which 0 are still employed;
    Class 85 in 2009 had (1) black recruit of which 0 are still employed;
    NO black female has been hired since 2005 which was in Class 80 and there are only (2) black females in the LBPD to date.

    Clearly LBPD not only has a problem with the black residents but these numbers indicate blacks are not welcome on the Long Beach Police Department either.

  • 2UrbanGirls

    I’m curious if Carnival Cruise is aware of the sting operations being conducted by customs and lbpd on their guests leaving on the super bowl cruise, or any other cruises that leave that port?

  • 2UrbanGirls

    See my comment below. I give a breakdown of the graduating class since 2005.

  • Greggiex

    Unfortunately I do not know, and of course that is a relevant question

  • Genevieve St-Germain

    What’s your point? Do YOU want to be a cop? Hit it! Every word, every idea you speak REEKS of RACISM. It seems to me that so many of you negroes are utterly permeated with alleged white racists when YOU are the racists. The playing field is more than fair for you and all you do is screech and groan. My goodness. Quit complaining and get about the business of educating yourselves and raising your children. STHU, already.

  • 2UrbanGirls

    We are bringing light to the unfair treatment of people of color, whether they are black, asian, latin or gay. Your comments reek of racist rhetoric by insinuating we aren’t “educating ourselves and raising our children”.

    Your comments show you also have a problem with minorities and hopefully you are not in a position to hire/fire anyone Genevieve.

    Taking the time to write that nonsense is commended though, espcially if you are posting under your true name.

  • cutty sark

    Yes, I read the email. I read it over 3 times. It seems to refer to a Federal agency whose mission includes interdicting the entry of contraband across our borders. That Federal agency is notifying the local city police department of their plan to devote substantial manpower to an interdiction of contraband potentially leaving the country. They also expect that any potential contraband interdicted to be of insignificant amounts held for personal use and not connected with any attempt to smuggle narcotics out of the country.
    That Federal agency is insinuating that the passengers of a certain themed cruise who carry some personal use narcotic on board are be assumed to have a higher average rate of narcotic consumption than passengers of other themed cruises, resulting in an expected higher than average amount of personal use narcotic carried on board.
    As for the deductive snail shit – this Federal law enforcement agency whose mission involves interdicting inbound contraband in commercial quantities decides to commit significant resources to interdicting insignificant amounts of potential outbound contraband.
    They apparently place very little value on maintaining an element of surprise, so they send out an announcement of their operation 2 days in advance. This almost guarantees they will not be catching any professional smugglers. They do want to insure that the local agency has been notified of their presence and there is no need for concern or involvement.
    What they are not saying is that they need access to specific cruise ship before it has completed turn around and embarcation from their particular zone of jurisdiction.
    It is almost Super Bowl Sunday which brings a huge spike in demand for high value personal use narcotics by high-income individuals residing in the major urban cities across the nation – including the Midwest and EastCoast. These individuals are determined to score for their Super Bowl party and will pay top dollar.
    Apparently, the highly lucrative smuggling channel which delivered white powder from the Caribbean to New York JFK via American Airlines Dallas/Fort Worth hub is no longer feasible.
    A good alternative might use a cruise ship returning to the Port of Long Beach from the Ensenada. Its only a ten minute car ride to Long Beach Airport, which has a significantly less stringent security protocol than found at LAX. The best bet would be full fare walk-up, no checked luggage, two full size carry-ons from Long Beach on JetBlue non-stop to Washington, D.C.(Dulles), New York City(JFK) and Boston.
    Finally, you wanted to know if I’m high on something right now.
    But If I could only get some of what you have I’m certain that I could get much higher.

  • CityEye

    Where are you and your African Americans friends on the 4 dead 3 injured shooting in South LA in 24 hrs? There is an all out war with gangsters going on shooting innocent people and you stay SILENT. Interesting the black so called leaders never want to acknowledge the black on black crime in their own backyard so they point in another direction. This blog has now become nothing more then gossip, innuendo and a bunch whining. Do a story on news sweeping across the nation NOW saying Michael Brown was a Crip gangster and a murder suspect. A reporter is suing to release his juvenile records.

  • Tyndon Clusters

    As a white guy, let me just say that I grew up with a bunch of racist morons like you. Negroes? Really? Uh, where’s your white sheet and hood.

    Its so sad that so many white racists like the above are so quick to call blacks racist when in fact its stupid white folk like the above who cause the problems to begin with.

    My saying on race is simple “there is a lot MORE racism in the USA than white people think, and there’s a lot LESS racism in the USA than black people think.”

  • Tyndon Clusters

    When was the last time the CBP boarded a Larry Ellison boat? I bet you would find among his rich Silicon Valley VCs mucho “contraband”, but since they are white and rich, do you really think CPB and Officer Koike would be willing to search them?

  • Tyndon Clusters

    Hey CityEye, where’s all your posts decrying white on white crime. Thought so.


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  • Genevieve St-Germain

    Hey IDIOT, “negro” is his race. “Caucasian” is another race. Are you beginning to catch on? Bit you gradjeeated frum a common core
    curriculum. Eh?

  • Genevieve St-Germain

    I have a problem with ANY race, religion, creed, gender, etc. that does not encourage and INSIST on an education for their youth. Morality and obedience of the rules and laws is also required — ABSOLUTELY. Throw in a whole lot of respect for others —and it is a wonderful thing. It’s a HUMAN thing. This blog is inflammatory and racist. You that flock here should examine yourselves. I just happened in here. I won’t be back. You racists can have each other. I see you are inflexible and likely uneducable. Buh – bye. Have a nice day !

    P.S. 2urbangirls, I am afraid when I said educate and raise your children, you and I have ENTIRELY different views as to what that entails…. Hence the divide ; p

  • Genevieve St-Germain

    Tyndon, you are a white guy? Tyndon. Is that similar to Ligament? Tendon?

  • Genevieve St-Germain

    cutty sark, I’m afraid you will have no intelligent discourse with the racists on this blog. One idiot that replied to a comment of mine implied that I am a racist b/c I used the word “negro”. You cannot reason with ill-educated people that do not even recognize “negro” as a race. SMDH !

  • cutty sark

    Larry Ellison sat at the helm of Oracle as they charged millions and overcharged tens of millions to provide brand new defective IT systems to numerous govt agencies(law enforcement included) and then charged extra millions and millions for patches and fixes and tech support until finally the new system is declared a useless disaster.
    that’s why you don’t mess with larry’s megayacht or any of his other megatoys. Imagine what oracle could do to DHS/ICE in-house database systems if larry got upset ?

  • cutty sark

    Have Koike from the Customs and Border Patrol and Liberman from LBPD submitted their signed 6/30/2014 comprehensive individual financial disclosure declarations yet?
    Let the DHS/ICE Inspector General run those through a full audit, and call us in the morning.

  • robert. douglas

    I know about LBPD it’s not a police dept. That hired black officers guess how many on there department a few
    ..shame on you.r

  • Dario Brandt

    Valuable comments . I was fascinated by the insight . Does anyone know if my assistant would be able to get access to a template a form document to fill in ?