Not sure how real this is, but there is a website promoting a book entitled, “How to Deal with White People.”  Now I am not sure if I need to read it because quite frankly, I already know how to deal with white people. And Black people traditionally have learned how to deal with those problematic white people successfully.



But for those still having issues, this may shed some light on the situation for you.

It’s described in this way:

At last! An honest, straightforward and unapologetic guide to help reduce culture shock between the races. Using the methods and tips within, you can ease the confusion of interacting with white people, establishing a more direct approach, ensuring your own sense of peace. Learn How to Communicate With Whites. Identify which whites wear “The Mask”.

Inside, you’ll find these points as well as:

  • Why whites are more courageous in the workplace
    (“The office is white people’s turf.”)
  • Why there still is little to no diversity in entertainment
    (“Whites own all media. People of color own no outlets.”)
  • How to activate your very own personal White People B.S. Decoder
    (Whites say, “Let the past go”. Decoded, “Let us do what we want and shut up”.)
  • Why when you think something is racist… it usually is
    (“Consider any 50 years of whites living with non-whites. Any 50 years. Any time period.”)

About the Author

David Goldberg has been white all of his life. He realizes the importance of being Jewish and he appreciates the benefits allowed to him in the book, music, film and TV industries.

He now feels the need to share his observations with people of color around the world.