I Found A Husband…And It’s All Good!

I said I would…and I did…ain’t no shame in my game.

On Sunday, I called my co-worker Vincent and politely asked him if he’d drop by my house and help me out with a few “projects” I needed to get done.

Two hours later, my trash was lined up on the curb, I had a new shelf for my shoes in my closet, a new shelf over my nightstand, a painting hung, and I could actual walk into m laundry room, which for the past year had been a storage room for all of things Jasmyne didn’t feel like dealing with.

Not bad for a couple of hours.

Next week’s project is to clean the carpet…

I feel just like a mother who finds a good babysitter!

Vincent is my official Rent-A-Husband and it’s all good. Thanks Vincent!















Yeah, well there’s no hope for my clothes in this closet, good thing for me, I have a walk in closet for my clothes in my office…

But my shoes on the other hand…




Yey for the trash being taken out!

The Court of Public Opinion

  • LOL. Way to go you!!

  • I need a Vincent. Or a Fred … or …..

  • Wonderlove

    What chocolaty goodness! And the painting is fab, Jasmyne!

  • gh

    Too bad I’m on the East Coast….I would have hooked you up! I’m a tomboi to the core and love doing stuff like this. I just put together a kitchen table set from IKEA, two new bar stools, a microwave cart, fixed a towel holder and handrail on steps. Did all this for my mother. The key is having some good tools and someone who knows what they’re doing. Vincent did a good job!

  • Tru

    Jazz… It’s offikial, I love your sick and twisted mind… Since tha job is takin… You kan refer me to your friends… I was bankin on that job… LOL… I ain’t madd Vince, you were tha better man for tha job… LOL…

  • Thought I would Share

    What is Vincent’s #, I need a handy man!

  • storm

    @gh….well I am on the East Coast and am in serious need of a handy tomboi with your skilz. I can’t screw in a light bulb by myself.

  • See J. I am truly hurt now. You didn’t even give me a chance to get back to LA and help you out. I was planning to get out your way next month. I have clients in LA, I’m there at least twice a month.

    I’ll be alright though. Glad you found someone to help you. *Smile*

  • James

    For a moment, I was floored. I thought someone had beat me to the punch. I’m suppose to be your husband. At anyrate, Victor seems like a really nice guy and his work is much appreciated. I’m glad for you and the good work he did for your place.

  • ugotsomenerve

    once’d again ya lazy self glorifying persona has struck again. dont tell me jasymen too much of a housegirl to know how to pick up the hammer and nail? do you even know what a tool box looks like? i mean fa real…im a femmy girl, but best believe i know how to nail it down luv………oh wait,jsmyne rather hire the field hand to do the work and take the credit….oops i mean pictures,…i need an antibiotic and a shot now that i can say ive been in(seen the innards) of jc’s boudoir….taste of vomit as i type.


    Well Jas, as I said when you first mentioned about the Rent-A-Husband sign you saw, I thought it was a great idea. A matter-of-fact if was such a great idea, I thought I’d put it to the test and make it my 2009 business venture. I’m now LA’s Rent-A-Stud Specialty Housecleaning Handy Stud. For all the people who commented and need a Vincent in the form of a Pam, here I am. Hopefully you’ll hook me up and put my business card on your blog and show those people that think you’re a lazy self glorifying woman, that your idea has now become someone else’s goldmine. And since you put it out there, to show my appreciation, anytime Vincent is busy, call me and I’ll hook you up. I come with my own tools, cleaning supplies and I’m good at what I do. But you already know that from the jobs I’ve already done for you in the clerical area. So, ladies if you need an estimate just email me at ineeditdonetoday@aol.com and Rent-A-Stud will hook you up. Leave your info so I can call you back. Once again, thanks Jas for putting that out there.

  • setthesesillybitchesstraight

    @ ugotsomenerve… you stink of self hate and desperation! please find somewhere else to take you middle school education because we can do without here. i can’t even find the words to address such ignorance. if i knew your name i’d be in business. please stop being a loser and find something better to do with your time, cuz it’s apparent that it’s wasted. oh… and the taste of vomit is probably from the smell of your rotting life…

  • Dag Jazzi… what about us?


    @Thought I Would Share, if you’re still in need of a handyman, I can top that, how bout a Handy Stud…Rent-A-Stud. My name is Pam and I jumped all over Jas idea and started my own cleaning/handy service and guess what I named it…you’re right Rent A Stud Specialty Housecleaning Service. I’m in LA so you can email me at INEEDITDONETODAY@AOL.COM. I’m reasonable and very efficient.

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