Another twist in the saga of R. Kelly’s trial.  It looks like his child pornography trial won’t be starting until Spring of 2008 according to the Chicago Sun-Times.

The newspaper reports that Judge Vincent Gaughan said in court Tuesday that the trial would not begin on Sept. 17 as planned. Gaughan gave no explanation for the postponement. However, his media liaison Terry Sullivan e-mailed reporters shortly afterward stating that lead prosecutor Shauna Boliker gave birth to a son last week and “is not able to proceed at this time” because of "doctor’s orders."

The case, which began in 2002, has been pushed back repeatedly due to bickering between the defense and prosecution. Then, in July 2006, Gaughan fell off of a ladder and his Chicago home and took a time out to recuperate. When he returned, Gaughan had to preside over the trial of now-convicted Brown’s Chicken killer Juan Luna.
A law enforcement source said Kelly’s case will be addressed after the trial of accused Brown’s Chicken killer James Degorski, Luna’s alleged accomplice. On Tuesday, Gaughan set a Feb. 13, 2008, trial date for Degorski.

Gaughan is expected to announce a new trial date for Kelly on Sept. 10.

So maybe singer Keyshia Cole knew what she was talking about after all when she told MTV that she was going to joining R. Kelly on a fall tour.

Ya think?

One thing is for sure, the longer it takes for this case to go to trial the more money R Kelly continues to make and the lower the chances are that he will ever be convicted of anything, regardless of the videotape.