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Okay, so I had a pretty busy weekend that I am still trying to recover from, hence the late post.

On Saturday night we celebrated Michelle of Michelle XXX’s birthday at Club Eleven in West Hollywood and on Sunday there was the 3rd Annual Old Skool Barbeque.

Oh where to start…

First, mad love and props to Paul Scott and everyone who helped put on the BBQ. Ain’t no party like a backyard party cause’ a backyard party don’t stop. Holla!

I especially love the fact that the bbq took place in the hood, Normandie and King to be exact. Not WEHO or Silverlake, but in our own neighborhood. That means a lot when you can be all of who you are walking down King Blvd—Wig, heels, makeup, hand in hand with your lover of the same gender–in your hood and not have to worry about anybody tripping on you.

From the food to the Spades to the entertainment and the chance to catch up with old friends and make new friends, Sunday’s event received tens across the board.

And just like in typical backyard party fashion–somebody kicked the extension plug of the socket in the middle of someone’s act–but you know how we do! That didn’t stop a thing!

Gospel and blues legend Linda Hopkins made a rare appearance and took in the festivities on Sunday too!

Gospel Legend Linda Hopkins (in white)

I had a really good time—too good a time to be honest. It all started with the bartender and his extra special Margarita. I know—but what can I say. I think DJ Quik said it best when he said “a drunk ain’t shit,” lol.

Exhibit A – The Margarita

By the time it was all said and done, I had drank four of em’ and was on one but still trying to keep my cool so no one would notice. Right foot, left foot, right foot, then left foot, lol.

And only a drunk will find herself at home on the toilet (cause that’s the first place a drunk runs to when they hit the door, lol), digital camera in hand trying to take pictures of her bathroom, for what reason she still doesn’t know.

Exhibit B – Drunk on the Toilet Saying,
“Lord I’ll Never Drink Again If You Just Let Me Keep Living”

But back to the barbeque and before I got full…

2008 Old Skool Honorees

Pictured above are the 2008 Old Skool Community Honorees with event organizer Paul Scott: (L to R) Russell Thornhill, a pastor at Unity Fellowship Church, Vinessa Romain, board chair of Long Beach Gay Pride, event organizer Paul Scott, Carrie Broadus, executive director of Women Alive, a Los Angeles based coalition of, by and for women living with HIV/AIDS, Khadijah who represented La Verne “Mother Rose,” longtime transgender community activist who was unable to make it because of her battle with cancer. Not pictured are award recipients Wendell Carmichael, President of At the Beach (ATB) Los Angeles Black Gay Pride, Cleo Manago, founder of AmASSI, a non-profit, community based health, wellness and cultural affirmation center, and community activist Alton Miranda (posthumous).

In addition to receiving their community award, Los Angeles City Councilmembers Bernard Parks (8th District), Jan Perry (9th District), Herb Wesson (10th District), and Bill Rosendahl (11th District), and Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa extended congratulations via certificates of appreciation and recognition.

A very moving part of the evening’s events was when Khadijah accepted Mother LaVerne Rose’s award on her behalf and announced to the audience that Mother Rose had cancer, no health insurance, and wasn’t doing too well. After having spent her life taking care of others in the community, the community collected funds right there on the spot to help take care of her.

I’d probably say that the highlight of the evening for me–besides my Margarita–was the Old Skool Drag Queen Contest where I am pleased to announce that my girl Ariel, contestant #5, took home the 2008 honors and rightly so.

Clip of Old Skool Drag Contest

Besides being a wonderful performer, Ariel’s body is out of this world and she used what she had to seal the deal ensuring her victory. I know I’m a lesbian, but dayum….

Lady Ariel Prodigy

The passing of the Old Skool Crown

All of the contestants

Until next year’s event…