…I really really do, well at least the music of the 80s. So this week I decided to take a break from the norm and to pay homage to some of my favorite 80s songs, singers, and bands. Seems like a cool thing to do considering I still listen to them like every week in my iPod and in the car, lol. From Jelly shoes that gave me blisters to 25 cent Big Sticks and 10 cent sodas, the 80s look better and better with each day that passes, lol. Life just seemed so much similar–maybe because I was a kid and the only responsibility I had was to go to school, lol. At any rate, I heart the 80s and the music of the 80s. I hope that you dig this week’s playlist, we’ll return to regular programming next week, but for now it’s just another Manic Monday.

Hey–if I left your jam out of the playlist, holla. I’ll drop it into the mix. Enjoy!