ICYMI: Angelenos Asked to Foot Bill for Police Chief’s Meeting with Clinton and New Video Shows LAPD Laughing As Man is Dying

We’re not against the police. We’re not against the police department, but we are against police who commit misconduct (and those who help cover it up).

It’s often said that perception is reality and in politics those are words to live by.

Which brings me to this late Friday post.

I’m curious to know why Angelenos would be asked to foot the bill for a trip to New York for Los Angeles Police Chief Charlie Beck to meet with presidential candidate Hillary Clinton?


As someone who is voting for Secretary Clinton in November, I couldn’t care less if Beck wants to meet with her. In fact, his meeting with Clinton could (but probably won’t) be seen as a good thing with his Democratic foes camped out in front of City Hall calling for his immediate firing. All I want to know is why would taxpayers be asked to cover the cost for his travel and lodging? Seems like a fair enough question.

Beck - NYC

Even if the meeting is completely legal according to the rules of engagement, the optics on it are not in his favor. That alone is reason enough for Beck to forgo reimbursement for the trip.

And before someone sends me an email–please know that I know that these are not spontaneous meetings. There’s nothing spontaneous about Hillary Clinton’s campaign for the presidency.  Everything is planned and down to the last detail. He knew before he left he was going to be meeting with the Clinton. The question is did Beck misrepresent the purpose of his trip to New York?

I would ask for the City’s Ethics Commission for their opinion but they seem to be more focused on doing the Department’s bidding these days and going after sergeants who do the right thing while ignoring a Chief who got caught lying about the purchase of that horse named George.

Maybe someone else from the fourth or fifth estates will look into it. 🐸☕️

As for us everyday common folk, check the agenda of Tuesday’s upcoming meeting of the Board of Police Commission.  It’s item 1A under Consent Agenda Items.

Questions, gripes and complaints?

Sergio Perez
Director of Enforcement
Los Angeles Ethics Commission
(213) 978-1960

Mr. Richard Tefank
Executive Director
Los Angeles Police Commission
(213) 236-1400

In other news, the New York Daily News published a sad story with a video showing how LAPD officers stood around laughing while a man lay on the floor dying in jail.

According to the Daily News, L.A. paid the family of 56-year-old grandfather Vachel Howard a $2.85 million settlement after they filed suit over his June 2012 death at the LAPD’s 77th Street Station Jail.

Here’s the video:

The officer believed to have used the chokehold received a 22-day suspension.

Read the entire story here.


Jasmyne A. Cannick

Jasmyne Cannick is a nationally known writer and commentator on political, race and social issues. She was selected as one of ESSENCE Magazine’s 25 Women Shaping the World, one of the Most Influential African-Americans in Los Angeles Under 40, one of Los Angeles’ Most Fascinating Angelenos by the L.A. Weekly and one of 40 People Under 40 by the Advocate. She’s worked in the U.S. House of Representatives and at all levels of government helping to shape public opinion and encourage civic engagement while advocating for underrepresented and marginalized communities in the political arena. Learn more here.

What do you think?

  • 3Beeps

    Signing an official document stating he is meeting with “New York Law Enforcement” and not disclosing political agenda is a lie or at minimum misleading. He goes in the capacity of the Chief of Police representing Los Angeles while on duty to boost the image of a political candidate. POLITICAL ACTIVITY ETHICS VIOLATION! We pay enough money for lawsuit now we have to pay for him to travel for his own political agenda and search for new jobs? Ethics Commission? Police Commission? Inspector General? L.A. Times? Anybody home?

  • robert jones

    This dam chief is corrupt and sneaky. Garcetti is blind or beck has some dirt on garcetti. I will not be voting for garcetti ever. he has failed the entire public.

  • Auda

    Bill Bratton involved in the DeBlasio money scandal, ran to Hillary Clinton for protection. Beck is doing the same. You keep voting for these corrupt politicians what the Hell do you expect? Wake up!

  • Auda

    Nope. They work together. Do no damage to Democrat politicians. If Beck were a Republican, non-stop media lies and threats of possible criminal charges. Want proof? Look how the media treats Trump? Obama is golfing in Martha’s Vineyard while Trump feeds the displaced in Louisiana, but you didn’t see either on CNN, ABC, NBC, CBS, MSNBC LA Times et al. Now had Bush been golfing at stuffy Martha’s Vineyard? Media firestorm. Hillary ran a money laundering scheme through the Clinton Foundation as Secretary of State, not a peep from media. Now look where Charlie goes when he’s in trouble? The White House and Hillary Clinton. Put it together.

  • 3Beeps

    South LA is more violent TODAY than in the last 10 years. This occupying force called METRO and CSOC is not working! People are being robbed, attacked, shot and dropping left and right. What is it going to take to get LAPD to wake up? The leadership in place and the strategy is a colossal failure!

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  • Stan

    I didn’t see anyone laughing, I saw smiles but I doubt they knew this man was going to die. This man obviously had other health factors that contributed to his demise. From the looks of it, the officer uniform tells me he was from a different agency than LAPD. Jasmyne, stop with the anti-LAPD anti cop vitriol, lets make our community better by working together. Lets start by addressing the culture of lawlessness in the projects so the gang shootings in those areas subside. People are getting shot and killed on an almost daily basis in south LA by gang bangers. Lets report on that problem Jasmyne. Trust me girl, cops in south LA do more for that community than anyone you know. That community needs the police presence they get, without it they would be victimized 10X more.

  • Here you go again making statements about stuff you don’t know about. So let’s recap.

    1) I am not anti-cop. Never have been. I am against misconduct. Two different things.
    2) What part of “In other news, the New York Daily News published a sad story with a video showing how LAPD officers stood around laughing while a man lay on the floor dying in jail” says to you anti-cop? Please tell me because that’s pretty much the headline for all of the stories on this video. Are you taking time to tell them to stop being anti-cop as well? Uh huh.
    3) As always, you have the right to not read my blog. As I have pointed out to you before Stan, no one is forcing you to come on here and read what I write.
    4) I work everyday to make my community a better place. I have said on numerous occasions and to the ire of many of my friends that I don’t want to live in a Los Angeles void of police officers. You must have missed that.

  • Stan

    I like reading your stuff. It’s entertaining. But we do need to make the community better on both sides. The gang crime in south LA is disturbing. This is a direct result of a culture of lawlessness that’s spreading throughout the nation. Jasmyne, “the ferguson effect” is real and the more negative media publicity spreads against law enforcement, the worse it will get. Is that what you want in your community? That’s the reason Baltimore and Chicago are seeing such a drastic increase in crime. In the end, the people that pay are the victims of crime. Demonizing the police is not the answer Jasmyne.. have a good day.

  • I’m glad that I could entertain you Stan. But check this out. The gang problem gets media coverage. You should know that if it bleeds it leads in this media market. I like to talk about what isn’t being talked about. No need to regurgitate what the mainstream media does a decent job of covering anyway. I am sure you can understand that. Stan, of course I am concerned about the gang problem. Life without gangs in South Los Angeles would be like a dream come true. It might put you out of business, but for the rest of us, man oh man. Please don’t ever question my commitment to my community. I live in my community. I don’t come into my community to collect a paycheck and then head for the hills 12-14 hours later three days a week thanking God I don’t live down there with them. I say that with utmost respect too Stan.

  • Stan

    Jasmyne, the media doesn’t cover the shootings in south LA and you know it. It’s a disservice to the citizens. And by the way I don’t like the hills.

  • 3Beeps

    You are already seeing the Ferguson effect. …. Some LAPD Divisions more than others just look at the crime increase and reduction in productivity. Some areas can not even fill their overtime details and have problems even getting their employees to work. Why risk it? They continue to deplete patrol for the sake of specialized kingdoms. So if the Chief does not support patrol……

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