I told you it was going to be a busy week!  As we bring it to a close–here are few items you might have missed in all of the hoopla.

On Thursday, Los Angeles County District Attorney Jackie Lacey’s office FINALLY issued a statement regarding the investigation into the 2014 death of Ezell Ford at the hands of the Los Angeles Police Department.

While I am sure they are proud of themselves for coming up with the wherewithal to issue the statement on the two year anniversary of Ford’s death–anyone with any common sense who read the statement realizes that this was much ado over nothing.  Nothing new and the explanation in the delay offered could have and should have been made public months ago.  Ford’s family is still waiting on Lacey 💩 or get off the 🚽 as it relates to a decision on whether or not to charge the officers.

Tritobia Ford who is Ezell Ford’s mother, had a few choice words for D.A. Lacey and the hold up.

After the news came out that 27-year-old Donnell “Bo Pete” Thompson, Jr. was not a suspect in a carjacking when he was fatally shot by Los Angeles County Sheriff’s deputies in Compton on July 28, Black Lives Matter Long Beach issued an invoice to the LASD that was due upon receipt to cover the immediate costs of his burial. I’ll have to agree with that.  Of course the family can and should sue but in the here and now, there’s a bill that needs to be paid–right now.

Thompson Invoice

Los Angeles City Attorney Mike Feuer is at it again.  This time he’s cut a deal with former LAPD Captain Joel Justice (awesome name for a cop I must say) who alleged in his 2015 lawsuit that he was forced to retire early out of fear of retaliation for “bucking the chief’s orders to recommend firing any officer who appeared before a Board of Rights hearing.” Well you know what Los Angeles Police Chief Charlie Beck always says…

For the record, I am okay with whistleblowers who were retaliated against being compensated for the shenanigans Beck and his cohorts perform.

Read all about it in the Daily News here.

Below is my appearance on “NewsOne Now” on TVOne discussing that damn disgrace of a cop Frank Lyga and his $50k payday courtesy of Chief Beck and City Attorney Mike Feuer.

Finally, I had a great time this morning speaking with my sister friend Sister Charlene Muhammad host of KPFK’s “Freedom Now” edition of Uprising.  We dished about the latest in LAPD, City Attorney and District Attorney shenanigans–including the Ezell Ford case, disgraced former LAPD detective-no-more Frank Lyga and LAPD Officer Richard Garcia’s let’s keep it on the downlow plea deal with District Attorney Jackie Lacey for assault under color of authority .  Listen to the segment below.

Have a great weekend and we’ll have some more goodies for you next week!