ICYMI: L.A. Police President Speaks on Ezell Ford Shooting

Shout out to the Los Angeles Police Protective League’s president Tyler Izen and criminal defense attorney Nana Gyamfi for coming into KJLH this morning and appearing on the Front Page with Dominique DiPrima.  The topic of discussion was the shooting death of 25-year-old Ezell Ford in South Los Angeles on 65th and Broadway.  In case you missed it, check out the audio from the show above. Below are a few videos regarding the Ezell Ford shooting death, protest, and from the show.


The Court of Public Opinion

  • Sergeant Cathy Marx

    Where are all the protesters when COPS get shot?

  • dany kinnd

    When a police officer is shot, we are in shock. When a police officer is shot and killed, we are in mourning. But the emotional reaction comes after awareness of the fact. Unfortunately, Chief Beck has paddled his canoe in circles on ponds of unreliability – so now we are left in limbo awaiting verification after he tells us that an officer has been shot.
    In April, he told us that a gunman had opened fire on 2 officers within the entrance to West Traffic at Wilshire Station. He told us that one officer had taken 7 hits, 4 of which were stopped by his tactical vest. This is what he told us that very evening from the medical center after visiting with the wounded officer. Yet the following morning, Chief Beck revised the narrative. The tactical vest was gone, and the total shots which struck the officer shrunk by over 50%. Thankfully, the officer was well enough to go home after less than 48 hours. It appears his name and # of years on LAPD are not yet known , despite the Chief’s policy on disclosure after OIS.
    This incident came less than 10 months following a tactical alert called by Chief Beck when he told us that a gunman was on the loose after he ambushed and attempted assassination of 2 plainclothes detectives entering the parking lot of Wilshire Station in their unmarked vehicle at 4:30a.m.
    LAPD Inspector General Bustamante’s report on the incident details approx. 24 shots fired by the 2 detectives – including several through the windshield and roof of their vehicle, yet concludes there is no evidence of anyone firing upon the detectives.

  • CityEye

    Showing is true colors of not supporting rank and file. If a reporter noticed the whole damn city noticed.

    Did LAPD Chief Charlie Beck miss opportunity after reappointment?
    Where was the PPL when rank & file wanted to send out the Vote of NO Confidence? Hiding out with Failure of Mayor Garcetti. If you read credible blogs people are supporting Officers. The media wants to always report the negative. Look at all the protesters in Ferguson, nothing but hard core tatted out gangsters wearing scarves

  • Joe Citizen

    It’s a darn shame, Ezell Ford, a criminal all of a sudden the family claims he has mental issues. Why don’t they just tell the truth…. Stop covering up for the criminal..

  • Spencer Jacobson

    LOL all of a sudden, that’s why the entire neighborhood knew he was mentally ill. Keep on making up lies as you go along bacon.