ICYMI: Newsflash–Jasmyne is not law enforcement material 😆

We’re not against the police. We’re not against the police department, but we are against police who commit misconduct (and those who help cover it up).

On Tuesday I took some time out to go and visit the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department’s Biscailuz Center Training Academy in East Los Angeles. The point of my visit was to check out their 300-degree police firearms training simulator VirTra V-300 that immerses a single deputy or multiple deputies in real-life scenarios that they might face in the field.

This was my third time doing something like this—the first two times were with my beloved Los Angeles Police Department.








Like with the first two times with the LAPD, I completely failed my LASD scenario. My partner ended up being stabbed because I choose to use a Taser instead of my gun. What can I say? I don’t like guns and I am not law enforcement material. I know that and that’s why I do what I am good at. I’d like to see some of these police officers criticizing me for failing try and do what I do.

Fox 11 organized the event and I believe they were hoping to get (Black) critics of the police department to have some eye opening life changing aha moment where we fall on the ground worshiping the ground police walk on after experiencing a few minutes in their shoes. I couldn’t fulfill that role for them—in fact I told them before I agreed to do it that I probably wasn’t the best person for this segment but alas they wanted me and so I did it. Honestly, I think they’d have been better off getting a member of Black Lives Matter to do it because I didn’t need convincing.

So a couple of things…

Jasmyne’s criticisms of the police have more to do with what happens before an officer-involved-shooting happens (Ezell Ford for example and probable cause) and afterwards in terms of the lack of transparency and public information. Oh and command staff shenanigans which there never seems to be a shortage of and hardly no one is paying any attention to.

I try to wait for as much information to come out as possible before making up my mind on if I thought a shooting was justified. Sometimes my personal opinion differs from the whole of the community sometimes it differs from my law enforcement friends and foes. I am not one of those people who believe the police should never shoot anyone because I know society is not full of angels and history has shown—sometimes we do have guns in our possession. I also don’t think just having a gun in your possession should give the police an automatic license to shoot and kill you either. Again, I try to approach each situation cautiously but the problem with many police officers today is that they hear one Black person say something and label all of us as feeling the same way.

Oftentimes people confuse my explaining the opinions of the community when it comes to police shootings as my own person feelings. As I have said before—everyone Black is not a member of Black Lives Matter just like everyone who’s white and who wears a badge isn’t a racist police officer who loves to kill Black and brown people.

I know that it just pisses some people off that they can’t put me in the box they want me to fit in but that is case and I don’t have a problem saying it to a room full of police officers or members of my community.

With all of that said, I didn’t need “convincing” of how hard of a job policing is. It’s hard being a civilian dealing with other civilians so I can imagine how difficult it is being a police officer.

I also know that policing is not for Jasmyne. I don’t like guns. I don’t like holding guns or playing with guns. It’s just not my thing. So to that end, a police officer I don’t think I could ever be because you have to have a certain mindset as it relates to guns that I just don’t have. In my lifetime I hope that I will never find myself in a position to have to take someone’s life or lose my own. Although, with the amount of people walking around with guns at the ready, there is a real possibility that I could find myself faced with having to make a decision like that. But let’s hope not.

I appreciate the time I spent with the sheriff’s this week. I still hold my opinion as it relates to the death of Mitrice Richardson and their role in it—but I do appreciate them taking the time to work with me and for Fox 11 inviting me along.





I do think that everyone who wants to, not just a chosen few, should have the opportunity to experience it.  It might change the mindsets of the folks who scream the loudest when it comes to officer-involved-shootings.

Oh and ahem…


Really? GTFOH with that Jamie McBride and cohorts.  Instead of trying to shame the community for daring to experience life in your shoes, you need to be saying thank you. You’re welcome.


The Court of Public Opinion

  • Truth Teller

    Fuck McBride Jasmyne. Thank you for doing the simulation and for sharing it. You are right, you are not cop material at all but this officer appreciates your willingness and the attitude in which you approached it. Fuck the League. Their feathers are just ruffled because you outed McBride. Anyone who watched the piece on channel 11 knows you never claimed to be an expert. You have the ear and respect of a lot of people and most of the time you speak with common sense. Most of the time. Smile because that’s a compliment from one officer in Los Angeles to you.

  • Nicky Jackson

    Unfortunately, Jasmyne, Leo, and the other activist got duped on a serious PR stunt by law enforcement. Listed below are my reasons for stating the VERY OBVIOUS:


    To think that Ms. Cannick, or any other civilian could respond appropriately to any dangerous scenario after only 5 or 10 minutes of “training” by a cop on the day that they utilized the simulator, is a freaking joke.

    I am shocked at Jasmyne buying into this stunt by the cops… Law enforcement officers usually receive at least 6-months training at the police academy, so to expect a civilian to walk off of the street, and do what a TRAINED cop would do is ridiculous! Nice PR stunt though, wasn’t it?

    2. Notice that every one of the “bad guys” in these scenarios was armed. We (black people) aren’t making a lot of noise about “armed black people” being killed by cops who actually may try to harm a cop.

    We are disturbed by the cops murdering UNARMED BLACK PEOPLE. I didn’t see any of those scenarios in the reenactments that the UNTRAINED civilians participated in.

    3. This stunt is ridiculous because it NEVER addresses why cops can manage to take white suspects who have killed or murdered cops, and civilians into custody alive, but somehow they just can’t seem to do that when the person of interest is black. Let’s get real people!

    Terrence Crutcher had his hands up, and posed NO THREAT to the lady cop that murdered him. Walter Scott was running away when he was murdered by rogue cop, Michael Slager.

    I could cite countless unarmed black people who were murdered by cops, and NONE of them fit that scenario with the simulator that was showcased in that PR piece for the cops. How did Ms. Cannick, Leo Terrell, and the other activist miss that?

    You folks got suckered, and I can’t buy any of that, “Gosh, Gee Willikers, policing is dangerous,” crap. We know that. And that’s why officers go through rigorous training.

    No one forces these guys to sign for cop duty. But to insult our intelligence with that crap that aired on Fox 11 news is too much, Ms. Cannick. I usually respect your work, but you fumbled on this one. You did absolutely no analysis. or critical thinking at all regarding your lack of law enforcement training, and why you and the others failed miserably with that simulator.

    All of you are smart people, but I think it’s a bit cavalier to think that you could actually perform well on a simulator with no training. That’s like going into an engineer’s office, and expecting to do well on designing a bridge the size of the Gold Gate, or any other profession that requires intense training over a period of time in order to become proficient.

    Do you know how many times candidates at the police academy get to try that simulated exercise until they get it right? You didn’t even bother to inquire about the failure rates or stats of those who were rejected AFTER THEY WERE ACTUALLY TRAINED.

    Let’s put our thinking caps on boys and girls. This entire exercise was a Jedi mind trick by the cops to justify murdering unarmed black people. And some of LA’s staunch community activists drank the freaking Kool Aid…

  • Well being that I’ve worked in public relations and political strategy for oh–the past 10 or so years–consider me up on game on PR stunts. I appreciate your concern though. No one tricks me or makes me do something. As I mentioned, but perhaps was lost on you, I’d already done it twice before. I choose to do it because I wanted to.

    When I decide to do something I weight the pros and cons and consider what will come out of it–as in any good. I don’t waste my time on people or events that don’t support what I’m trying to accomplish. The invitation was made, I thought about it and decided to do it–bottom line.

  • CitizenV2

    Ya know Jasmyne, I don’t agree with you on everything, but kudos to you for participating in this. I respect that.

  • Thank you!

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