The road to Indio, California is going to be a crowded one as folks from all over the world make their way towards the 2008 Coachella Music Festival kicking off tomorrow and running through Sunday.

Did I mention it’s an outdoor festival and the weather forecast is in the 90s?

Performers include Prince, Portishead, Cinematic Orchestra, and Little Brother.

For the full line-up check out their official website, but if you don’t have your tickets by now, good luck.

Tonight Bashir and I are going to check Portishead at their private rehearsal for their performance Saturday at Coachella.

I’ll take a local private rehearsal, indoors, with A/C anytime over 90 plus degree weather, with thousands of fans who are mostly by drunk by the time the headline act goes on, hundreds of miles outside of Los Angeles.

Ain’t that right Bashir?

But if you did manage to score tickets to Coachella 2008, congrats!