Iggy Azalea: How is this even possible?

Iggy Azalea and Da Brat

Iggy Azalea and Da Brat

There is very little that actually  has me dumbfounded.

For the past week or so I’ve been bumpin’ this song called “I’m Fancy” in my car.

I remember thinking to myself that I needed to reach out to the Da Brat and tell her that I’m glad she’s back on the scene and that I like her new song and ask her what’s with the name change.  What the hell is Iggy Azalea?

Good thing my curiosity got the better of me.

I went online to watch the video for “I’m Fancy” and was left scratching my head.  Literally, I was sitting in front of my Mac scratching my head.

My first question was, how is this even possible?

My second was, is this white girl lip-synching to Da Brat’s voice? Wtf?

I mean, how is it possible that a white girl from Australia can master the voice of southern Black female rapper so much so that all this time, I really thought it was the Da Brat or some new Black female rapper I’d never heard of called Iggy Azalea?

Needless to say, I’ve come to the conclusion after listening to the “I’m Fancy” remix with Da Brat that Iggy Azalea sounds more like Da Brat than the Da Brat.

I am no stranger to the phenomenon of culture bandits, some of whom I actually like.  But this takes it to a whole new level.

I still like the song even knowing what I know now, but Nicki Manaj and other Black female rappers better watch out if this is about to become to the trend in hip hop music.

Update 12:08 p.m.

Upon further inspection of the song’s lyrics, in particular this part:

Takin’ all the liquor straight, never chase that (Never)
Rooftop like we bringin’ ’88 back (What?)

I find myself even more perplexed as Iggy Azalea is 23-years-old.  She was born on June 7, 1990 so what the hell would she know about bringing back anything from 1988.  Da Brat however is 40, being born in 1974.  I find it easier to believe she’d know a thing or two about the 80s than Iggy Azalea would.

But no worries, I’m going to get to the bottom of this, even if it means I have to go to a concert and observe Iggy Azalea myself spittin’ these lyrics.

Hear “I’m Fancy” Remix with Da Brat


The Court of Public Opinion

  • BigNate

    I couldn’t agree more! I thought it was only me who thought she sounds like Gwen and Da Brat. She got a nice booty tho!

  • Hip Hop Guy

    The rooftop like we bringing 88 back is a reference to Made You Look by Nas it’s a line that he says in that song

  • Chi-town Diva

    I am so lad that I am not the only one who thought that Iggy Azalea was Da Brat. I love this song and also thought that Da Brat was making a come back.

  • Mimi

    Im so faburglasted that I think Iggy has GOT to be lipsyncing and Da Brat is really the one singing/rapping that hit! That is Da Brat all da way! Why is she doing this?!!

  • Nikki R.

    Me too! I was like, when did Da Brat decide to team up with Gwen? LOL

  • Jack Brown

    man I thought I was all alone also. Soon as I herd it I thought it was The Brat. Glad someone agrees with me and I’m not crazy. :-). Perplexed in Mississippi LOL 🙂

  • Bob Sheridan

    Some say Da Brat. I say Left Eye, but trying to hard. How did this happen? Just like everything else. Whitey takes over. Blacks are so ready to help Whitey in their culture, but you never see them returning the favor. smdh.

  • tru

    fake booty tho!

  • Haha

    Roof top like we’re bring 88 back – its reference to Nas Song. You’re an idiot.

  • Johnny

    This reminds me of the first time I saw Hootie and the Blowfish. Darius Rucker’s voice is literally indiscernible from that of a white man’s. Music is music though. Who cares what race you expected them to be. It’s all about the music

  • Sunny Joy

    Word. Totally thought it was Da Brat for hella!

  • Cannicktamere

    Lol you guys have become a very bigoted community.

  • celt

    She is white 8th letter in alphabet H or HE for hail Hitler. .she be a racist

  • sonya

    Nothing do with race. She sounds like Da Brat. The first time I heard the Darius Rucker sing, I didn’t think he sounded like anyone else.

  • Johnny

    I didn’t link darius to anyone in specific either, other than visualizing racial makeup. I know that izzy sounds just like the brat. How do you think I even got to this article? I intentionally searched for an izzy/thr brat link.

  • before_you_hit_send_hit_delete

    the whole reason i’m even on this article is due to googling “iggy sounds like the da brat”. i obviously know this. if you want to pretend like certain races don’t have a discernible difference, that’s fine. maybe you really can’t tell. but i can the majority of the time.