IHOP Manager: Black People Don’t Want to Work

Black people don’t want to work.

That’s what I was told by a manager at a South Los Angeles IHOP restaurant after I inquired after the lack of African Americans working there during a recent visit.

It all started after I casually observed while waiting on friend to arrive that there were no Black employees on the floor or in the kitchen working.  That prompted me to ask my server if this IHOP—located in the heart of South Los Angeles—had any African American employees.  I was told yes—two.

When the bill came, I asked the same sever to send over the manager because I wanted to actually confirm that out of the two dozen or so employees working at this restaurant only two were Black.  It turns out the server was wrong.  

According to the manager there were four.  Furthermore, the manager told me they work during the morning shift.  He then went onto explain to me, my guest and the ear hustling family at the table next to us, that anyone could apply to work there via the website.

I explained to the manager that as someone who lives in the adjacent neighborhood, that it was important to me that places Black people patronize also hire Blacks.

The manager asked me how he was supposed to hire Black people if they don’t apply.  To which I quipped, so are you saying you have a problem with Blacks not applying to work at IHOP?

The conversation ended with the manager telling me that yes, he thinks that is the problem and that if “they” meaning Blacks don’t apply, it’s because “they” don’t want to work.

I don’t buy the manager’s excuse that Black people don’t want to work.  I think that Black people aren’t being hired at this IHOP location either they are being disqualified based on their background checks or more likely their inability to speak Spanish.  I also observed that all of the servers and kitchen staff spoke Spanish on and off the floor to each other and other Spanish speaking patrons.

This is unacceptable and the manager’s “it is what it is” attitude about the lack of Blacks working in his restaurant is indicative of the dire employment situation for Blacks in Los Angeles.  Very few are willing to take up the issue because calling out employment discrimination—particularly in the service industry—against Blacks is somehow equated to being racist against Latinos.

But the reality remains unchanged for countless numbers of Blacks in Southern California who attend highly promoted job fairs where almost all of the employers prefer bilingual employees.  Blacks watch new businesses opening up in their communities and hear the rhetoric of mandated local hiring companies that still don’t hire them.

I will say that the IHOP restaurant in question is situated in a shopping center that also houses a Starbucks, Walgreens, Food 4 Less grocery store and a Home Depot.  No matter what time I go into any of those establishments I am guaranteed to see at least one Black employee on duty. At least one.

Still, maybe I can help out IHOP’s manager with his problem of being unable to find Black employees to hire—and without the finder’s fee.

IHOP #792
1880 West Slauson Avenue
Los Angeles, CA 90047
(323) 296-4465
Click here to apply for a job

IHOP Corporate Headquarters
450 North Brand Boulevard
Glendale, CA 91203
(866) 444-5144

Preservation of one’s own culture does not require contempt or disrespect for other cultures. — Cesar Chavez

The Court of Public Opinion

  • Charles Henderson

    You know it’s a race thing.

  • Darlygrl

    It is not that African Americans do not want to work, that is a ridiculous statement so I presume the “manager” was Hispanic. How did that happen? I remember when African Americans held prominent positions and then all of a sudden the prerequisite was the need to be bilingual preferably Spanish speaking. Why? Why the need to speak a foreign language when English is the primary language spoken in America and the language that should be spoken to communicate to receive services or goods. I do understand exceptions to the rule but to accommodate and reward those who have no desire to learn the language is unacceptable. I can go into a place of business in the Los Angeles area and can count mostly on one hand how many African Americans are working there. I do not know if the management favors one type of employee over the next but I find it extremely disheartening. I usually write it off as one race looking out for their own, something we as African Americans should have done and should be doing.

  • Human101


  • Human101

    Read a Yehudi Webster book on that,,,,might change your view on RACE

  • mikemed48

    Darlygrl, It’s discrimination by race association!!! i’m a 52 year old black male from Pasadena that grew up watching blacks of all races work from the time I was born. What has happened to our people in the work force is tragic. We have been shut out on all different fronts, from fast food to local county jobs because of the Mexicans in power hiring their own. Just think, Have you ever seen a black person work in any Mexican business? A good friend of mines daughter was home from college on break and went to apply at chipotle ( where she work before going off to college) for summer cash, only to be shut out by Mexicans. This notion that our kids and blacks don’t want to work is a bunch of bull. We need to stand up for our young people because the number one source of entry level jobs, the fast food industry, is taken and monopolized by Mexicans.. They won’t hire our people….

  • Slackerforhire

    This is typical liberal none sense not based in fact. You don’t have a fresh take on anything that I have seen or read. Like every liberal that thinks they are brilliant for their insight, you love recycling ideas and old arguments that have been shot down over and over and pretend its new and scholarly. You can just tell us the subject and I can write the article for you and tell you how it will turn out in the end, because liberals use the same tired argument because they don’t have new ideas. That is why you lose so many elections and over a 1000 seats down ticket. Please keep cranking it out because it is helping the people that aren’t crazy realize how all the crazies are on the left.

  • JCJ Bike

    First off, there is very little truth in “all” anything. All blacks… all whites… all latinos. So let’s be honest with ourselves on that.
    Second, places like ihop are desperate for reliable employees. There is turnover… poor work habits (ie. late for work… missing shifts, etc.) that any manager of a place like that would take an entire staff of anything as long as they worked hard.

    Does Jasmyne have the capacity to admit that it’s POSSIBLE that ihop isn’t getting a good list of black candidates? We will see… it will also be interesting to see how many black people in that neighborhood come in and apply for a job.

    That location needs servers… line cooks… hostesses… and dishwashers… Not one of these jobs (maybe cook) are gigs you have to have experience.

    Let’s see how the place looks in 8 weeks.

  • bluethru1994

    When the IHOP in question first opened, there were numerous Black employee’s working at this establishment. The problem was that several of them were gang members, the service was terrible and as a result, I stopped going to this establishment. Recently (approx 6-months ago) I went back into this IHOP and I was surprised by the great service and friendly smiles on the employee’s faces. And yes, I did not see any gang member types working.

    The Black and Hispanic employee’s are very nice and cordial. I think that it has changed for the better. Just one man’s opinion.

  • Howard

    I own two restaurants for almost 8 years and l have to agree with the manager from Ihop. I have made it a priority to hire almost 50 blacks over the years and l have found them not only unwilling to work, but very lazy and self entitled. No matter how much l pay them, l am still faced with chronic failures to report to work as scheduled (or at all). Some one has always died, jailed or sick and as a result they can’t come in. The bus was late, their car doesn’t work and/or they need the day off for some ridiculous reason. When they are at work they lack pride in their work. Anyway and half-assed is fine with them. Blacks make up 90 percent of my staff and with the exception of one of them, I would gladly fire them all if I could find others that wanted to work. (I am black too). On the other hand, I have one Mexican worker, who works from the time she comes in to the time she leaves and does more work the rest combine..literally. Let’s stop condemning ihop and began facing the fact that our people have become lazy, self-entitled and lack the humility that made us the innovators and trail-blazers we once were! Until we take away their cell phones and social media, we will never be what we truly can be!

  • Howard

    Stop politicizing everything. You position yourself squarely in the middle of ignorance with each sentence you wrote! IF we could rid the world of the thinly vailed racist like you…then America could be great…….for the first time!

  • Michele Murray

    Hi Jasmyne,

    If I can recall, that IHOP restaurant is fairly new. But anyway, I’ve only been there once, probably way back in 2006 or so. During that time I remember seeing quite a few black employees back then. It saddens me to hear about the black employment decline at this establishment.

  • Al Hinman

    Like Howard, I own 2 restaurants and struggle to employ black males in particular. We have a large unemployed population in Kansas City who never applies for jobs or doesn’t make the effort. They are not college educated and probably have dropped out of high school. The few that I can hire often to don’t make it because of, as Howard proclaimed, get to work on time, or always have a problem that prevents them from coming to work. It appears that work doesn’t have the priority in their lives that it has for you and I.
    This is not the pattern of well educated black americans, like yourself.
    I have the same problems with poorly educated, low income whites as well, with the exception of being on time. Being on time is a cultural thing in the black community. I don’t know why that is, but even our customers, who make reservations, rarely show up on time. They are usually 30-60 minutes late.
    Latinos do run circles around black males as a rule. Faster, more industrious, and most importantly, on time.
    The sad part about all of this is; the restaurant industry is wide open to everyone.
    We employ more minority managers and more minority owners than any other industry. You can start out as a dishwasher and 10 years later find yourself running a business as a manager. This happens every day in our world.
    What is common, in the politically correct racial arena, you make racial stereotypes about non-blacks without doing your home work.
    You should already know about the issues with young blacks of working age and their cultural and social issues that prevent many of them from being on time, and hard working. The people you complained about not being employed either have risen above a restaurant career in the kitchen or waiting tables or aren’t interested in applying.
    You not buying it, is not a factual and reasonable assumption. Look around you. If you think we don’t want to employ young black americans in our industry, you are massively wrong. We need them more than ever!

  • Bradley

    I am a bilingual causian American male who left the U.S. to find work overseas in the 1970’s after legislation was passed that “encouraged” U.S. companies to hire women (and not men), now I see that policies adopted in California have resulted in service industry businesses predominantly hiring Spanish speaking individuals (who work hard and are most comfortable working with other Spanish speakers). In 1819 U.S. Supreme Court Chief Justice John Marshall wrote “the power to tax (and I might add “and legislate”) involves the power to destroy”. Those who are involved in national and state governments should think ver, very hard about what they are doing and the future they are creating when they establish laws and regulations which they think are progressive and will lead to a better future, because this article by Ms. Jasmynea Cannick and also the book by Elizabeth Warren “The Two Income Trap” clearly show the unintended consequences.

  • Justin

    Jasmine should learn how to write correctly or proof read before publishing. Anyway, this is silliness. How many “Blacks” should any particular business hire? How many Asians or Canadians? A business should hire employees to do the work required.

  • Randy Zaddach

    Trying to stay away from political posts but sometimes these articles just rankle me. So this woman is upset that there are not more blacks working at her IHOP, even though the manager explains that they don’t apply. Then she takes offense to the word “They”. Then goes on to whine that more jobs are going to bi-lingual people. Get a life lady. Firstly, if blacks don’t apply, get off his back about not hiring them. Secondly, “They” is a pretty normal word to use and, sad to say, is usually not racist. Can I say “Over sensitivity”? Finally, if you need bi-lingual skills in SOCAL to get jobs, blacks, along with others, should learn them. Just another example of the Give me, give me attitude. Get TF over it and compete with everyone else.

  • Sam Genco

    What ever happened to hiring the most qualified worker, regardless of ethnic background? For a person in charge of hiring to do otherwise runs counter to their responsibility to their employer, and can be a form of reverse discrimination. Quotas for race or any other category are not conducive to the success of any ‘group’ of people to survive and thrive. They only keep them thinking they are separate and unequal from the rest of their fellow citizens. It’s about time we put such self-fulfilling rhetoric behind us, and concentrate on taking personal responsibility for our lives by living with integrity and purposefulness – realizing that no one owes us a job, and that we must be the best we can be in order to succeed in life, and contribute to society as a whole. To stand out in a crowd, don’t be merely different, be outstanding.

  • Jason Parker

    Perhaps the author should be a bit more introspective.

    We have had decades of affirmative action, the likes of which have never been attempted anywhere in the world, that frankly have not resulted in the planned result. On the contrary, within the black community: illegitimacy rates have tripled since 1964, crime continues to be an issue that the community doesn’t want to address, and education-or rather an educated black person- continues to be a source of criticism within his or her own community. Having attended a school system that was 50% black, I could have explained this in the second grade where many of my black friends were raised by their grandmothers (who were about the same age as my mother???), most did not have their fathers in their lives, one memorably did not know who his father was (this was when I, as an 7 year old, learned the facts of life), many openly celebrated the fact that relatives were being released from prison (not ashamed that they were in prison in the first place), and many of my black friends ridiculed other blacks that performed well in school as “Uncle Toms” while they readily accepted me-as an elite east coast college-bound white guy-into their circle.

    You really shouldn’t be perplexed when we create a system where someone is rewarded for being a member of a particular community, population, etc. that the entire community decreases their performance as a whole. And before anyone comments, I fully recognize the centuries of discrimination against minorities, but that does not create a similar system for a majority because they still must compete within the majority…so much for white privilege. Oddly, within other minority communities (Hispanic, Asian, Indian) this dysfunction is not replicated to the same degree and some excel to the point that they are discriminated against themselves-as the author is evidently doing to Hispanics. I am again reminded of my elite east coast college days where many of my elite east coast college pre-med friends were upset by their one classmate who was accepted at an elite east coast medical school when he couldn’t pass organic chemistry and sported his otherwise dismal scholastic record and MCAT score. But I guess that elite east coast schools will take a gay, black medical student whenever they can get one…turn your head and cough!

    And eat more pancakes!

  • When a customer asks a manager why there aren’t any black employees–the answer isn’t black people don’t want to work. The answer is do you know someone interested in working at IHOP you’d like to refer my way?The manager, even if he thought that–even if it was true (which I don’t believe it is) should not have offered that as an answer. Period.

  • Howard S Howard

    cotton industry is worth billions… sugar industry is worth billions. African Americans are 38% of the population… we worked for free for so long, if you provide just half the shares of each, why would we have to work? education pays everyone should gain more than a bachelors degree
    this is happening more and more in establishments. hiring latinos over blacks. Burger King of Aspen Hill, MD. All Latino staff, wonderful food, customer service poor. my wife worked there for 3 weeks then was fired for not cleaning the dining area… but she is a delivery driver.

  • Jason Parker

    So you think he should lie? There’s something to be said for telling the truth (as that manager saw it) and actually solving problems. This is where political correctness just keeps issues resolved because people can’t speak to each other honestly. And people get fed up with it and the problem gets worse.

  • Jason Parker

    substitute …correctness just keeps issues “unresolved” because… Can’t type.

  • Frank

    ” The manager asked me how he was supposed to hire Black people if they don’t reply. To which I quipped, so are you saying you have a problem with Blacks not applying to work at IHOP? ” The manager brought up a great point…THEN this chick truns it into a race thing (aka trying to cause a problem out of nothing)…. I am sorry, but this is a racist journalist, trying to keep racism alive..lol

  • Angel Gallardo

    A little discomforting hearing it Ms Cannick? And by the way, nice quote from Cesar Chavez to end your post. But really, why are you so shocked to hear real world answer from the manager at IHOP? I myself was in retail for over 10 years, and believe me that manager from IHOP isnt the only one to hear it. I would get called to the front for a job application, and guess what, they they were really asking for is my signature and store stamp on their unemployment job seeking paperwork so that their unemployment check woulnt be stopped. And then when I would actually get someone that wasnt just looking for my signature, the work restrictions would be so many that it made it impossible for them to work. And the best line I heard, how much ya’ll pay? Thats not enough, I get more money from GA then I would get from busting my ass here! So please, dont pull the race card so quick, you might want to look around more as to “whats really going on” before you make one race look bad over a topic that you obviously dont know anything about, or in this case, dont want to know the reality of!.

  • Janet Richardson

    I was born in Oakland, CA; later in Hayward our head cheer girl was black, 1967. Have to say though I worked for Bumble Bee Seafoods in 1973 and we had to close our tuna processing plant in Maryland, predominantly black area, because we couldn’t find enough workers. These are the type jobs, even today, where you start and learn. Welfare took the workers.

  • Jason Parker

    Jasmyne responded once…or at least attempted a response, sort of. Guess she wasn’t expecting these contrary opinions…or like most liberals, any contrary opinions.

  • Ron

    Based on percentages, there are too many blacks there. The manager said there are 4 out of 24 employees or 16.6%. Blacks only comprise 13% of the general population so the need to get rid of one of the blacks to get to 12.5% which is closer to the right percentage.

  • Lee Harris

    This is an impeccable story and I commend you for your “assertiveness”. I am a white male who lives in South Carolina. I have noticed in this State and during my travels, the same thing regarding employee ethnic backgrounds, the majority of the workers, servers, kitchen staff, cleanup crew, r mostly Mexican employees. I think IHop has some explaining to do. I think Immigration should investigate.

  • jinnyc

    But the Black population of South Central L.A. is 40%. So really, there should be a higher percentage of Blacks working in that IHOP. But if we use your logic, Ron, since Latinos make up 17 percent of the population, many need to be removed and replaced with whites since they make up 77% of the U.S. population.

    So I guess ultimately, any workplace that has a majority of non-whites should fire a significant number to reflect the current racial population makeup. But what happens in about 20 or 30 years when the majority of the U.S. population is nonwhite? Or better yet, in 10 years when the majority of people under age 25 will be nonwhite?

    See, when you play the racial numbers game, you look really stupid.

  • jinnyc

    So you’re saying the only people ever to say something like this are Black people? I find that hard to believe, having worked in retail management myself and witnessing privileged suburban white young people who felt they could come in to work when they felt like it, disrespect customers and demand a doubling of their wage because of their parents influence.

    Please to give me any nonsense about the “race” card, because if I were to pull it, I’d pull it on all the lazy white kids (particularly millennials) I’ve had to deal with.

  • jinnyc

    African-Americans make up 13% of the population, according to the U.S. Census. Let’s get our figures right, first.

  • jinnyc

    Why would he, as a manager of an establishment whose primary goal is to serve customers try to give her a “tell it like it is” speech. As a manager, his job is to acknowledge her observation and offer a solution or refer her to his own managers. An attitude like his should have resulted in IHOP losing business. You know, the way Denny’s did for the same nonsense.

  • jinnyc

    I beg to differ. We’ve had Affirmative Action in this country from the beginning, it was called owning slaves.

    If you’ll study your history a little, you’ll find that whites were given an advantage over Blacks by law. “Black codes” in many states prohibited the enslaved from owning property, legally marrying, carrying firearms, or doing many things that would have allowed them equal economic footing, thereby creating an infrastructure for the same societal wealth that whites had.

    Couple that with redlining, property covenants, gerrymandering, police abuse, juries bent on prosecuting and imprisoning Black men and good old fashioned Jim Crow, and you’ve got a society of inequality and worse, lack of equity.

    Also to address your stupid remark about “illegitimacy rates” rising since 1964, that is not only in Black women. The rate of out of wedlock births has increased significantly since 1970 for women of all races. However, the overall number of births has nearly flatlined in this country compared to women just after World War II. This means that women are choosing not to carry children to term, enjoying better access to birth control, or simply not finding partners they would want to raise a child with. (In the case of white women, it just might be because there is too large a population of pompous white men who post stupid things on Internet message boards.)

    Now apparently, your most idiotic quip was about white privilege. You just proved it exists, point blank. You say you recognize the centuries of discrimination, but you ignore that the discrimination was there on purpose, was set up to benefit the discriminators and their families, and above all created a mythology that those discriminated against are doing nothing but complaining.

    Give me a fucking break!

  • jinnyc

    I fail to see how a stereotype of Blacks being unable to get to work on time at your workplace equates to Blacks everywhere being the same way. Maybe you’re just a rotten boss who doesn’t have the discipline to lay down the law.

    I’ve had to deal with employees, Black, white and Latino who has the same problem. You know what I did after three unexcused tardies? Fire them. Once the other employees saw that I meant business, I didn’t have very many problems after that. Their “culture” didn’t seem to play into things.

    In fact the only issue I continued to have was with the privileged white workers who felt they did not have to put in the hard work the others did because of who their parents were. Didn’t get a chance to fire them as they all packed up and left for their wealthy private schools after a summer.

    Good riddance.

  • Delilah Roberts

    I understand the Spanish speaking in the work place, but I think Black don’t apply to places like IHOP is due to the pay. The pay is under the minimum wages and the tips make up for the low hourly wages. I asked a manager and it was confirmed. Therefore, I feel that due to the low wages and possible tips is major reason why Blacks don’t apply to places like IHOP.

  • Jason Parker

    Here’s your fucking break:http://www.jasmyneacannick.com/southla-neither-city-hall-nor-the-lapd-can-solve-your-violent-crime-issue/ In this article, Ms. Cannick actually makes my point regarding illegitimacy and crime. Funny how Daniel Moynihan (D-NY Senator) predicted this half a century ago in his famous report on the disintegration of the black family. I’d love to hear Ms. Cannick address the Uncle Tom perception that keeps a negative perception on education within the black community…like science and math are “white things.”

    Speaking of “white things,” the subscribers of white privilege’s denial of their own poor general performance in life is sort of a mental health issue. Other demographic groups don’t have the same issues. Why? Asians are actually being discriminated against in college acceptance because they are over represented in the school’s population…not their fault they study harder than blacks…or whites for that matter. The same can be said of people with Indian ancestry. While Hispanics have challenges with education (though multi-lingual), crime, and illegitimacy; they have a reputation for having an extremely strong work ethic. They don’t seem to be worried about white privilege. In fact, I’d like to get some of that Asian-Indian-Hispanic Privilege for my kids.

    The “white privilege” crowd cites a litany of historical facts to explain away its own poor performance for certain groups that happen to not be White, Asian, Indian, Hispanic, Aboriginal, Inuit, Native African, Amazonian Tribesmen, Micronesian, Tibetan Separatists, Viking Reenactors…have I missed anyone? If anyone goes back far enough, you will find reason for victimhood. Each part in my own ancestry of English, Scottish, Irish, Cherokee, Welsh, and German tried to annihilate the other at various points in history. History is replete with inequity, what good does basking in victimhood do for the future?

    Get you head out of the sand (or elsewhere), and move on.

  • Ron

    Blacks play the numbers game when it is to their advantage like no one is nominated for an award and in this case it was the author playing the numbers game. And yeah, employment should reflect the population but it will lag behind since attrition will lag.

  • Howard S Howard

    whoa whoa whoa!! why are you so upset?! thank you for the correction. your just illustrating my point further. the reason I listed the African American population is to say that billions of dollars that we are owed for working for free, split between 42,020,743 people 13.3% would make a large difference. furthermore, maybe African Americans are unwilling to work menial labor jobs because we know and understand our worth. idk maybe we don’t.
    Again… thank you for your correction

  • dajewel

    As a woc that is woke, I have to call this article rubbish. Notice how she says ”
    I think that Black people aren’t being hired at this IHOP location either they are being disqualified based on their background checks or more likely their inability to speak Spanish. “. She THINKS, and not that she knows. If she was privy to the hiring process, then she would KNOW. Only write articles with hardcore evidence. I KNOW I am not about this alternative fact life she is portraying with ” I think.”

  • Jaron Tayler

    Sounds like you starting a bunch of drama. I listened and I disagree. Hearing him he said the website is open to anyone and anyone can apply. And listening to it in the context of the whole conversation it’s clear to me he is saying they don’t want to were THERE. It’s his terrible English. Not that they don’t want to work. And why not ask the 4 black folk working there if they have seen black folks applying and getting rejected over and over. I agree that this type o f thing happens all the time but not so sure in this case. By not quoting the whole conversation and just ‘Black people don’t want to work’ really takes it out of context. This is like TMZ type of headline. LOL.

  • Human101

    Well said!

  • Screaming Lord Byron

    I have two black roommates both in their 20’s. Within a month of moving in they both had excuses why they couldn’t hold down jobs, not even part time jobs. All the White guys who live there work 5 and 6 days a week. But both the black guys have excuse after excuse, after excuse as to why they can’t work. Today is Tuesday, and today the one black guy said he can’t work today or look for work today because he is tired from being out late on Saturday night. So, put 2 and 2 together and get 4 – they are lazy and shiftless and DON”T WANT TO WORK!!!!

  • When a customer asks a manager why there aren’t any black employees–the answer isn’t black people don’t want to work. The answer is do you know someone interested in working at IHOP you’d like to refer my way?
    Good reply. I doubt an average manager could have come up with that reply on the fly, BUT that is a great answer and one that would show respect to the person asking it. If the person asking it were black the manager might also say something like “We are ALWAYS looking for good, solid reliable employees to join us, would you like to apply? ” And then add in, what you said: “…or do you KNOW anyone like this who is looking for work?”….

  • Virtual Signaller

    The writer obviously has a problem with the Mexican race. You need to check your own prejudice, girlfriend! (Sucks to be the target of the baseless accusations, now doesn’t it?)