Well, we made it back safely to America and from the looks of things not much as changed.

Let’s see, Paris Hilton is off to jail in Lynwood, whoopdeefreakindoo.  Not once was there ever mention of one Paris Hilton in the news overseas.  I guess food, water, and shelter take precedence than some rich girl getting a slap on a wrist.  I caught the Democratic Presidential debate in New Hampshire and was not impressed in the least bit and if I feel like it today, I will be expanding on that.  I heard about five students not being given their diploma with the rest of their class because their family cheered them from the audience.  What kind of stupid shit is that?  I would have been cheering too given the fact that many Black children aren’t even making it to graduation these days.

Of course, my inbox was full of hate emails from people with obviously nothing better to do with their time and people who can’t seem to move on in life, demanding to know how I could fly off to Africa with Isaiah Washington after he called us “faggots,” although I don’t remember him calling any of the people that emailed me “faggots.”  If I recall, the incident in question involved a limited number of people, none of who emailed me while I was in Africa. 

It’s really a damn shame that people are so lonely, angry, and miserable that while we’re in Africa trying to help people, our people, Black people, who literally have nothing, that back home in the good ole’ United States where clean water and electricity flow for all, any idiot with an Internet connection and a computer can sit around and put out misinformation as truth.

But ask me if I care and how much sleep I lost over it.  Exactly.

More and more I am moving to the conclusion that this so-called movement for gay civil rights is not my fight and going to Africa only reiterated that for me, thank you Isaiah.  After looking into the eyes of thousands of starving children, women, and men and watching a city go black after the sun sets because electricity is for the wealthy and not for the poor and knowing that the only hope many of the children have abroad in Africa is their education and yet there’s no money for them to go to school, yeah, I’d say there are way more important things to be fighting for in this world than who can marry whom, because at the end of the day, after marriage is achieved, I can almost guarantee you that the leaders of that movement won’t be picking up the mantle on this movement.

James Baldwin said two things that I believe to be true:

The power of the white world is threatened whenever a black man refuses to accept the white world’s definitions.”


To be a Negro in this country and to be relatively conscious is to be in a rage almost all the time.”

For the rest of the world who actually gets it, I will be blogging this week and posting the photos and videos from our trip and work abroad in Sierra Leone.

Stay tuned…