This is the shit.  New track “Imma Be” from the forthcoming Black Eyed Peas’ album “The E.N.D.”  The only thing that could make this album better is going back in time and ditching Fergie for my girl Kim Hill, but that’s a whole different conversation…What I know for sure, is that as much as Fergie is on all of these tracks, you may hear,, and Taboo use the N-word, but Fergie–she ain’t going to pull no J-Lo.  Bet.  she knows what’s up.  Speaking of which, for my non-Black folks, don’t get too happy singing this song in public and slip and repeat will’s verse word for word, “Imma be kicking it with my niggas” without replacing “niggas” with homies, or something else.  I’m just saying we cool but we ain’t that cool.  We have enough Black people tossing around that word without adding you into the mix.

Oh and enjoy a cute remix featuring Kid Cudi of “Boom Boom Pow.”