Saturday, March 11, 2996
2:15pm – 4:00pm
(Harvard Law School Campus, Austin North)
Strange Bedfellows? Unexpected Alliances in the Civil Rights Community

The 2006 Civil Rights Panel is a dual panel focusing on environmental racism and gay rights. Though these topics are sometimes relegated to the shadows of the Civil Rights discussion, the Katrina disaster and recent court decisions related to gay marriage have highlighted the fact that these issues are relevant and present real challenges facing the legal community, and the black community more generally. Our panel will focus on the Katrina disaster and the rebuilding process as a case study that reveals the environmental challenges disproportionately affecting minority communities.  In addition, this panel seeks to examine gay rights within communities of color in order to foster a discussion about the lack of a natural alliance between queer groups and marginalized communities of color. 
Confirmed panelists include Keith Boykin, President of the Board of Directors of the National Black Justice Coalition and Jasmyne Cannick, Nationally syndicated Journalist and Board Member of the National Black Justice Coalition.