JewelleAccording to California’s Bay Area Reporter, local groups have launched a program to identify new leaders in the LGBT community who are minorities.  Horizon’s Foundation, a local non-profit that provides grants to LGBT organizations is partnering up with And Castro For All, the group that fought the racist bar owner in San Francisco’s Castro District to create Leader Fellowships.  The program is headed by Jewelle Gomez.

The fellowship program is for two years to cover up to five fellows at a cost of $5,000 each. The money would be split between the individual and the organizations.

I’m glad to see a program aimed at developing leadership skills within our community.  My only concern when it comes to these types of programs within the LGBT community is what type of leaders we are developing.  There’s been a lot of organizing trying to organization Black gays lately for their benefit and not to the benefit of the Black same-gender loving community.  I hope that this program will embrace the Malcolm X’s and the Martin Luther King’s, if you know what I mean.