In Other News, Chief Beck is Angry with Jasmyne

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We’re not against the police.  We’re not against the police department, but we are against police who commit misconduct (and those who help cover it up).


So Los Angeles Police Department Chief Charlie Beck is angry with me according to the Los Angeles Times.

Chief Beck’s anger comes from the allegations surrounding his daughter Officer Brandi Pearson and her involvement in Hoopesgate and the fact that the news broke that it appears that she is in fact benefiting from being his daughter in the Department.

“I think the most troubling thing about this process has been the unsubstantiated allegations, the absolute untruths spoken about my family,” —LAPD Chief Charlie Beck

Well lookey here, if the only thing the Chief is worried about is his family’s reputation then I’d say that speaks volumes about him.

Uh hello? What about the reputation of the Department?

The Chief should be angry, but not with me.  He should be angry that his leadership, not mine, has opened the flood gates for members of the Department to air LAPD’s dirty laundry in hopes of shining a light on a rigged disciplinary system.  That’s a (hot) mess Jasmyne Cannick did not create.

“I feel I will be vindicated,” Beck said in comments to the Police Commission, referring to investigations being carried out by the department’s inspector general.

Well guess what?  I feel Beck will be vindicated too, especially seeing as how he has put certain people in strategic positions to control all of the investigations, evidence, findings, and reports.  How could he not be vindicated?

When Chief Beck first came into office we sat down in his new digs at police headquarters and he reiterated to me how transparent the new Beck-led LAPD was going to be.

LAPD Chief Beck and I during happier times.

LAPD Chief Beck and I during happier times.

Promises, promises.

I’m just saying.

The Court of Public Opinion

  • 1942 Transient

    Screw Beck.. Keep doing what youre doing. LAPD coppers are loving this. “Questioning one’s government is an act of patriotism.” Thomas Jefferson.

  • hm . beck has never been one to shy away from slandering others by publicly falsely accusing people of crimes they did not commit

  • Sworn

    I agree with 1942 Transient, keep doing what you are doing. It is important to be transparent, which Command Staff has issues with. Beck should resign immediately. The runners up within the department are probably worse than Beck. We need an outsider to come in and clean up LAPD’s Command Staff corruption.

  • George the horse

    Yes and the second term will be even better, all the corruption and payback by Charlee. you will see, He has nothing to loose but screw LAPD officers.

  • George the horse

    I agree with sworn we need somebody from the outside..

  • George the horse

    I agree with 1942 Transient..

  • On The Job

    Beck’s started out as antonio “viva la raza” villaraigoza’s lap dog… everyone knew it and the LA Weekly’s front page cover said it best… Until we change the way the LAPD leadership is “chosen”, especially the C.O.P. the problems will continue to compound.

    You hit the nail on the head with your comment “Well guess what? I feel Beck will be vindicated too, especially seeing as how he has put certain people in strategic positions to control all of the investigations, evidence, findings, and reports. How could he not be vindicated?”

    George The Horse…be careful of what you wish for… bill “where’s the media” bratton was terrible for the LAPD street cops… he brought in other outsiders like michael berkow aka “the pimp”, aka “the what shooting policy”, aka “I only promote those I f***”, etc…etc… etc… And dont forget about john miller’s airport gun-in-the-carry-on incident, and the rest of the mutts bratton brought in to “clean up the LAPD”… they cost the citizens of L.A. millions and did very little to make ANYTHING better…

    Instead of allowing some lousy politician to pick our next COP… let the rank and file do it… we know “who’s who in the zoo” when it comes those in “leadership positions”…

    Commander Girmala has my vote!

    Keep up the good work Jasmyne… they’re on the defensive, don’t let up!!

  • ChilliMe

    Has LAPD had a police chief who was on the up and up?? Haven’t they all been liars, thieves, and should have been arrested for the felonies they committed and condoned?? Transparency means you will see what I want you to see.

    If we stop policing the police then what will become of the city rogue cops beating up on old homeless women everywhere. Keep reporting that’s what transparency really is.

  • ChilliMe

    Wasn’t that how we found Beck???

  • Sergeant Cathy Marx

    OMG to “on the Job” Don’t say you want Girmala! then we will never get her. It doesn’t matter that she would be the best person for the job and the only Commander who actually cares about the rank and file. If you really want Bea for the job, we have to say the troops hate her! It doesn’t matter, probably in a few years, the way she is climbing, the Chief will be Brandi…and Charles Lloyd Beck…don’t be mad Chief, you brought this on yourself with your poor leadership. Please, if you care about this Department, just leave. And Chief, you know where I work and I am not afraid of you…because I tell the truth.

  • Sergeant Cathy Marx

    And if any of the investigation reveals anything that makes the Department look bad, Captain Pape will tell the investigating officer to delete that part…just like he did with me. And if that investigator refuses, he or she will be moved from their job, like I was. So yea, Charles Lloyd Beck will be doubt about it.
    I just feel sorry for poor George…the horse, not the other George…cuz all of the Mounted Unit Guys who have been there forever, working hard and doing their jobs, and who would have loved to be chosen as the Assistant Trainer, will probably take it out on poor George…if they ever get the chance to ride him…poor George.
    And Chief, I have two horses I can sell you..can I work the Mounted Unit too? I am sure my days at Internal Affairs are numbered! I have worked Newton and know how to ride a horse..don’t think I would want to ride George though…he is a little small.

  • cutty sark

    I’m confident that IG Bustamante is capable of and wants to deliver a thorough report with objective and frank conclusions.

  • Another Fine Day in Compton

    Interesting how it took an outsider like Bratton to clean up LAPD. Bratton had his faults but his commitment to making LAPD a world class operation can not be diminished. Beck has to be one of the dumbest police chief’s I have ever met, and trust me I have met some real doozies.

  • 1942 transient

    I cannot believe how bad this is getting. Hey Garcetti.. get off your ass and end this!!!

    What in the hell has happened to this great Dept and City? Beck and his bitch Paysinger..they all have to GO!…

    “The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants.”…Thomas Jefferson

    This long line of officers/patriots willing to give blood is longer than Ive ever seen in my career.

    This is unprecedented in Law Enforcement that so many officers would attack their Chief. Beck is a Tyrant.

    Wow!!. History really does repeat itself. Leaders abuse their power and their people fight back. This is “History of Leadership 101” at any community college. I guess Beck never read a history book. This is classic corruption and nepotism.

    Jeez Charlie, you really didn’t see this coming?

  • Sworn

    Cool name!

  • SurfPuppy619

    Super Cool Name George the Horse….Much Better than Brandi Rotten Crotch.

  • Sergeant Cathy Marx

    This has to make one wonder what kind of dirt the Chief has on the Police Commission and the mayor to be able to get away with making such a “less than forthright” statement.
    Beck has just made the City Attorney’s job more difficult–because if Beck is ever deposed or has to testify in any of the upcoming employee lawsuits, his credibility is zero. Way to go Chief…Thank you very much for proving what I have been saying all along.
    IF you care at all about this Department, you will certainly be able to see by now that you are tearing it apart. If you care one iota about this Department, you will do the right thing and retire. The fine, hard-working men and women of this Department need a leader that they can trust and respect. You have just confirmed to your employees that you do not have the morale character and integrity for the position. Chief, stop embarrassing the Department and just go..and do the rank and file a favor and take your corrupt command staff with you.

  • Sergeant Cathy Marx

    And again, where is the LAPPL? hello…are you out there? police PROTECTIVE LEAGUE….TYLER,,, Corina,,,where are you? We pay a lot of money for you to protect us…how about a statement about our Chief’s lack of integrity? Come on PROTECTIVE league…WTF are you waiting for??? Or maybe you should all step down too.

  • wimpdick

    She was my supervisor at Central Div. and was one of the best.

  • wimpdick

    Membership should be up in arms over the lack of interest from the LAPPL. Members are getting the short end of the stick from this Chief while the League sits back and does nothing. What ever happened to that vote of no confidence in this chief?

  • Sergeant Cathy Marx

    I invite all you coppers out there who are on a day off, to come to the Police Commission with me on Tuesday. I am going to make a motion that the PC rehire all those coppers that the COP fired for making false and misleading statements…hey, fair is fair right? And they need to return all the suspension days of those who were lucky enough to just get suspended Maybe I will also ask someone to fill out a missing person report for the LAPPL…anyone seen them thru any of this? No…me neither.

  • NinaG

    You couldn’t find a more insecure, vindictive, incapable female than Girmala to be Chief. You think things are bad now? God help us if they put that crazy b**tch in the Chiefs office…
    I suggest you look and and deep,into her closet, start with Paysinger…

  • PSR

    So glad I left LAPD

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