We’re not against the police. We’re not against the police department, but we are against police who commit misconduct (and those who help cover it up).


Just a quick note to say that it looks like the Los Angeles Police Department is preparing for South Los Angeles to turn it up when the Clinton Alford video is released publicly.  One might even deduce from the internal email below below that the department thinks that Alford’s attorney Caree Harper would be willing to risk her career as an attorney to defy a protection order and leak the video to the media.

However, I will say that the department doesn’t seem too concerned about their own folks who took a video of the video and what they might do with their copy of it.

This is going to be really interesting.  At this point, there’s no hope for the department in terms of transparency and accountability on the Alford video.  That train left the station the minute the department seized the video from the business who had it and then waited nine days to acknowledge the incident even occurred.  Let me tell you, this video does not show the new gentler and kinder LAPD that Chief Charlie Beck is always trying to peddle in the media. That’s why they are worried—very worried.

I’ll keep you posted but for now you can check out what the plan is.  And no–I don’t feel no ways bad about posting this information because had the Chief of the Los Angeles Police taken immediate action and  fessed up to what happened when it happened none of us–the community or the police department–would be in this situation right now.  The department knows and it and the community knows it.

It’s too late for that convenient integrity now.