Introducing the ‘Chief Charlie Beck You A Goddamn Train Wreck’ Ringtone

We’re not against the police. We’re not against the police department, but we are against police who commit misconduct (and those who help cover it up).


There is very little it seems these days that can bring police protesters and the police together.  That is until now.

Fresh from Tuesday’s police commission meeting where Venice activist Michael Hunt ripped Los Angeles Police Chief Charlie Beck a new one, ladies and gents, today I offer you the opportunity to download your very own “Chief Charlie Beck you a goddamn train wreck‘ ringtone.

Whether you’re a protester of police abuse and killings who is pushing for Mayor Eric Garcetti to fire Chief Beck or you’re a member of the LAPD’s rank-and-file who is sick and tired of the nepotism, cronyism, hypocrisy and favoritism in the department who also wishes the mayor would fire Chief Beck, the ‘Chief Charlie Beck you a goddamn train wreck‘ ringtone is just what you need for your phone.  Not only only will it bring a smile to your face each and every time your phone rings, but others around you will also take note of your no nonsense ringtone.

Whether you’re on an Android, Windows or iPhone, you can download it below and add it to your phone.

As a bonus, I am offering to take out to dinner the first person who sends me a video of a phone ringing with the’Chief Charlie Beck you’re a goddamn train wreck‘ ringtone in the actual presence of Chief Beck.  Make sure to capture the expression on his face when the phone rings and send it to me here.


Download Ringtone

Click below to download the ringtone and then add it to your phone through iTunes or whatever app you use.

iPhone (m4r)

Android, Windows (mp3)


The Court of Public Opinion

  • honesty is the best policy

    Amen!!!!!!! beck is a has been. His outlook on Police work is outdated and useless. What a waste.

  • Joe Sunday

    Do you think Ex-LAPD Chief William Bratton has soured on his hand-picked successor?

    Of course not!
    What is the only thing Bratton loves more than this wreck?
    Building the Bratton myth.
    Bratton’s ego is huge and so are the paychecks he draws from private consulting gigs in-between Chief of Police gigs.
    Bratton was brought in to save LAPD and he did it.
    Now Beck is driving it back to wreck.
    History will say it proves the Bratton myth.

  • Joe Sunday

    What about cops(and their plaintiff attorneys) with current and future civil lawsuits against the dept. – what’s the wreck got in it for them?

    Easier verdicts, larger settlements.

  • Joe Sunday

    What can the Police Union expect to result from bad press on Beck?

    The Mayor and the City Council will throw a better contract at them.

  • Joe Sunday

    Do you feel sorry for the Mayor?
    It must be uncomfortable for Mayor Garcetti, squirming under questioning about his choice to re-up the contract with Chief Beck, right?
    Wrong! Wrong, wrong.
    It shouldn’t take a Rhodes scholar to appreciate what an exquisitely beautiful wreck has been presented to the Mayor by Mr. Beck.
    All the negative press. All of the interest. All of the focus. The city pays out millions in settling LAPD lawsuits – how can that be good?
    Its better than good. Its fantastic!
    Millions is chump change. The real big money is 2 blocks south of City Hall.
    Enter at Patsauoras Plaza.
    MTA is on a crash building program with billions in guaranteed sales tax revenue and federal largesse.
    Vendors are crawling on top of each other to win the favor of the MTA Board of Directors and win those contracts.
    Who sits on top of the MTA Board of Directors?
    Duhhh,…E. Garcetti — holmes!

  • Joe Sunday

    One hundred demonstrators filled the seats at the police commission.
    Will that help to advance the ball on getting Beck canned?
    Not really.
    That’s because Joe and Jane Homeowner still don’t mind the police getting off the chain from time to time, they believe it deters crime.

    Folks love their fantasies.

  • Joe Sunday

    A train wreck is an awful thing –

    if you are a riding in the rail car or personally know someone riding in the rail car when it goes off the tracks.

    Everyone knows how to offer condolences. Its the polite thing to do. However; talk, as they say, is cheap.

    Very cheap.

    But if you ask people to help stop that crazy train, you can expect a lot of empty seats.

    They all have a secret crush on Beck the beautiful wreck.

  • Daryl Marquete Russell

    Can you imagine that going off in a general staff meeting? That would be hilarious….

  • Tyndon Clusters

    Um and what is this “myth” of which you write? Bratton was phenomenal as COP. Too bad Beck is so bad.

  • robert peel

    beck and the others were trained by bratton on this type of policing ,they are all wolfs in sheep clothing.talking about community policing but making the officer on the street make more arrests ,more stops .more tickets ,its now a police state not community policing

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  • Joe

    Hey Jas, just curious, what happen to the post and picture on Newton Captain J. Rodriguez?? Did he scare you and you deleted it?? This is the first time a good post disappears.