Free your mind and the rest will follow. Be color blind, don’t be so shallow…

As a Black person, I can honestly say that white people have had a tremendous impact on my life–and it wasn’t all bad.  From my favorite musicians and actresses to my friends, historical figures, current colleagues and of course my family–I ❤️ white people. I really do.

With all of the race talk going on I thought now would be a good time to take some space on my blog to highlight some of my favorite white people, what makes them amazing and why I ❤️ them.  White people have been getting a very bad wrap in the media as of late and it bothers me.  Just like all Blacks aren’t bad, all whites aren’t bad either.  As Blacks we know how a select few can give the whole race a bad name.

So very similar to my Lesbians I ❤️ series where I highlight lesbians I love–from time to time as the mood hits me, I’ll be posting in my White People I ❤️ series.  You may not understand my selections at time, but I’ll do my best to bring you around to why I selected someone to highlight as a white I person I love.

If you have suggestions or want to hip me to a white person doing amazing things who I may not know about, please by all means hit me up here. But please people–do not submit Los Angeles Police Chief Charlie Beck’s name for consideration. He has a category all to himself on here 😆.