Introducing White People I ❤️

Free your mind and the rest will follow. Be color blind, don’t be so shallow…

As a Black person, I can honestly say that white people have had a tremendous impact on my life–and it wasn’t all bad.  From my favorite musicians and actresses to my friends, historical figures, current colleagues and of course my family–I ❤️ white people. I really do.

With all of the race talk going on I thought now would be a good time to take some space on my blog to highlight some of my favorite white people, what makes them amazing and why I ❤️ them.  White people have been getting a very bad wrap in the media as of late and it bothers me.  Just like all Blacks aren’t bad, all whites aren’t bad either.  As Blacks we know how a select few can give the whole race a bad name.

So very similar to my Lesbians I ❤️ series where I highlight lesbians I love–from time to time as the mood hits me, I’ll be posting in my White People I ❤️ series.  You may not understand my selections at time, but I’ll do my best to bring you around to why I selected someone to highlight as a white I person I love.

If you have suggestions or want to hip me to a white person doing amazing things who I may not know about, please by all means hit me up here. But please people–do not submit Los Angeles Police Chief Charlie Beck’s name for consideration. He has a category all to himself on here 😆.


The Court of Public Opinion

  • bluethru1994

    Jas, I suggest you get to know Jim McDonnell the Sheriff of LA County. What an incredible person. Don’t want to predudice you, but once you meet this man, you will know that the only thing he wants to do is help you and the community that surrounds him. He has a difficult job right now. He is still fairly new and has to weed out some of the crappy ass deputies that he has working for him. There you go, set up a meeting with him and I am sure you will be impressed. In fact I know you will be impressed. Have not met one person that has said anything negative about this man, unless they were a crooked cop.