Some think America would sooner elect a white woman any day of the week over a Black man.

I don’t know folks, after watching the news last night and listening to Ronald Goldman berate O.J. Simpson and call him every name but the n-word, then being subtly reminded that the people supporting Michael Vick were overwhelming Black and those against white, then remembering that nearly half of a certain Blacks actors hate email all referred to him as a "nigger," and just looking in general at how Black men and Black women are treated in this country…I’m wondering myself if we’re ready for a Black man in the White House.

And that’s not even counting the fact that half of Black America that’s eligible to vote doesn’t even know Senator Barack Obama is running because they don’t watch the news much less read the newspaper and are more concerned with what the number one video on BET’s 106th and Park is or they think that Obama is the president of the NAACP (shaking head).  Don’t forget that nasty business with the Klan down in Kentucky where there are claims of several of its members beat a 16-year-old boy at a county fair.  Then there are the Blacks that have been brainwashed into switching sides and voting for other candidates against their own.  I can’t even get into that right now or else I’ll be at this all day.

I am happy for Senator Barack Obama, he’s come closer than any other Black man has.  My position is that while I am not happy with his stance on lesbian and gay civil rights and I think he’s as guilty as the rest of them when it comes to talking out the side of their mouths and not really saying much of anything, all isn’t lost on me.  Because I want to support him so bad and I care so much, I am willing to hold is feet to the fire and challenge him on the issues that I think he can come better on.  Because in reality, if I didn’t care, then I wouldn’t waste my time.  And that’s the truth…Ruth!

So the question still remains, do you really think today’s America is ready to elect a Black man as President?