Is Convening a Grand Jury the Next Step in the LAPD’s Boxergate Scandal?

We’re not against the police. We’re not against the police department, but we are against police who commit misconduct (and those who help cover it up).

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When last we spoke of the Los Angeles Police Department’s Boxergate scandal, Los Angeles Police Chief Charlie Beck and Deputy Chief Michael Downing were in the middle of a public pissing match over who was to blame and who knew what. The first round went to Beck who announced the minute the media came a knocking that he’d initiated a personnel complaint investigation against Downing. The second round went to Downing who quick fast and in a hurry lawyered up and sent his lawyer down to the police commission meeting to remind everyone within earshot about not discussing a personnel matter in public and to follow the law. That made everyone shut up really quick.

Since then though there’s been a lot of mumblings and rumors going on about whether or not Los Angeles County District Jackie Lacey and her Justice System Integrity Division (or squad as I like to call them) are looking into Boxergate.

By now you should all be aware of the Boxergate scandal—but in case you’re not up on game, here’s a short recap.

Someone thought it would be a great idea for the LAPD to utilize police resources and taxpayer money to essentially host the January membership meeting of the Young Presidents’ Organization (YPO) while simultaneously providing an opportunity for ex-Mexican Mafia convicted hitman turned informant Rene “Boxer” Enriquez to talk about his life and sign copies of a book written about him.

The event took place back on Jan. 28 at a place called The Reserve in downtown Los Angeles near 6th and Spring streets. And while the LAPD tried to spin it in the media as a meeting to educate local authorities and private sector tycoons about the workings of a “transnational criminal enterprise,” we have since learned (in my best impression of Maury Povich), that was a lie—or as the department likes to say, false and misleading information.

The summary I got from those in attendance was that it was basically a YPO membership meeting with a special guest star, Boxer, courtesy of the LAPD.

The event featured valet parking, waiters, cocktails, appetizers, a buffet, a bar and even a stage for the guest of honor. Boxer was free to sign copies of the book written about him. He was situated right next to the bar. I still haven’t been able to get confirmation on whether or not he actually partook in the consumption of alcoholic beverages but if he did, that wouldn’t surprise me either.

Boxer was escorted into downtown Los Angeles like he was a visiting president complete with LAPD air support up above keeping a watchful eye. I can tell you that this was a huge production at the taxpayer’s expense and a huge waste of resources in a city with soaring crime rates.

And while the department flip-flopped on their excuse saying that this was some sort of training event for local authorities, it was already proven that the majority of the people in the room belonged to the Young Presidents’ Organization and not to law enforcement.

Google it.

Anyway, several months later saw a nasty (yet quite entertaining) public battle brewing between Deputy Chief Michael Downing and Chief Charlie Beck—the one I eluded to at the beginning of this post.

This came about after Inspector General Alex Bustamante released a scathing report that basically said the department lied about the who the event was for and most intriguing of all questioned if the LAPD had the proper court authority to remove Enriquez from the detention facility where he was being held

In response to the report, Beck hurried up and initiated a personnel complaint investigation against Downing who hurried up and called his lawyer and it was on and poppin’ after that. It was so on that I took a bag of popcorn to the weekly meeting of the police commission so that I could watch it all unfold for myself. I was not disappointed.

Let me tell you, Boxergate is far from over and there are loud whispers of a criminal investigation and possible grand jury.

It would make sense and be the most logical thing to do, especially given the fact that it’s already been proven that the department lied to the public about the event and pretty much continues to do so. An accurate accounting of the money that was spent still needs to be put forth as well as the truth about whether or not the department broke the law in removing Boxer on an expired writ to entertain a bunch of rich folks for an evening.

That part about not having property authority to remove Enriquez is really going to come into play.

This all stems from an April 10, 2012 writ signed by Los Angeles Superior Court Judge Ronald Rose who I gather was under the impression that the LAPD was using Enriquez for an investigation. Judge Rose authorized Enriquez to be removed from the California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation into the custody of LAPD Detectives Frank Flores and Hector Diaz. The LAPD was to be responsible for Boxer’s housing while he was helping in the completion of an “investigation” and then the department was supposed to return him into the custody of the CDCR.

The Inspector General’s report detailed how the writ they used for the YPO event had expired November 13, 2012.

I can tell you that nowhere in the judge’s orders did it say that Boxer Enriquez could, should or would headline an event for wealthy philanthropists.

And even though there are alleged orders to kill Boxer on sight from the Mexican Mafia, this wasn’t the first time the LAPD transported, housed and used Boxer Enriquez for one of their outside of court events—this is just the first time they got caught.

Not to mention the cost of all of this. The Inspector General put it at about $22,000 but I can tell you it’s well beyond that and when those numbers are finally revealed heads might roll.

It’ll be interesting to see who takes the blame for this between Chief Beck, Deputy Chief Downing and Assistant Chief Michel Moore.

With any luck there will be subpoenas issued and indictments for all.

The Court of Public Opinion

  • La Angel Luz

    Jasmyne, you hit the nail on the head. This is not the first time Boxer has been put on a pedistool by the likes of Lt. Helen Lopez, detective Frank Flores and the others who have contributed to this cold blooded killers pocketbook and fame. Do they not realize he is a con? A con who will do whatever people ask of him to get a few minutes of freedom. This guy is conning these people who are supposed to uphold the law yet have broken the law to put Boxer out there as if he is a circus performer. These people are clowns!!! The inspector generals report and the police commision are conviently ignoring the fact that this was 1 of many times taxpayers dollars were used to parade Boxer around for ego and self promotion of all involved. Both Helen and Frank were promoted on the Heels of their prior Boxer circus events. Yet while all the money was being spent getting Boxer from one event to the next, the Department powers that be had no problem with paying officers in hours for their overtime creating a huge credit for the city to encumber at the taxpayers expense. Why is Garcetti playing the mute on this one. He touts wasteful spending as a focus of his campagin yet like the nutshell game hides behind certain covers that conceal wasteful spending putting this one under a different shell.

    But hell, all this sure looked good to the powers that be that got those invoved promoted! What were they thinking when they thoght this was ok?

    Boxers info is old and tired and info we know about. Boxer has been in custody since before the smartphone, ipods and mp3 players. He is out of touch with today! Why are we making him the ringleader in the circus of LAPD BUFFONS?

  • NinaG

    Girmala is licking her chops…


    NinaG, you said it all. Grimala is a nasty women who unfortunately promoted to Deputy Chief by kissing ASS and will continue to do so no matter what it takes for her to keep promoting. Sad for her she groomed a Hollywood P-2, gave him run of the Homicide table, allowed him to telecommute (what P2 does that) apparently to do work for her in the comfort of his apartment and ended up being fired due to his greed and her knowledge of him double dipping consulting on a big screen Hollywood movie. No doubt he was getting paid for being a consultant on the movie, getting a small part in the movie all while some of the cases he was still working on had not all been adjudicated. Hope she’s paying his rent now that she is part responsible for him being fired. Finally the BOR Got it right!!! Good going Girmala, you’re the best!!!!

  • NinaG

    How about the Sgt she allowed to go on an extended Medical Leave while he had actually moved to another state and joined the police department there? SHE certainly wasn’t dinged for that – but he was…
    A typical example of the type of leadership Girmala exhibits. If you think Beck plays favorites now, STAND BY, you ain’t seen nothing yet!

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  • cutty sark

    The chance of any impartial and objective application of Justice Integrity into the Rene Enriquez affair, the Clinton Alford assault and video case, the shooting of Ezell Ford, the death of Omar Abrego or any other case involving potential criminal violations by LAPD can be calculated somewhere between minescule to zero as long as D.A. Lacey controls the outcome.
    The voters of Los Angeles County entrusted Lacey with the powers and resources of the Office of District Attorney. Unfortunately, there is yet any indication Lacey has started the process to become her own person.
    In fact, in only the last few days, Ms. Lacey has stood by silently as Chief Beck subjected her to the most embarrassing and condescending public ritual of her term as D.A.
    That is the bottom line on the Chief’s statements concerning prosecution of an LAPD officer charged with assault on arrestee Clinton Alford. Beck made himself loud and clear to everyone: When I call Jackie Lacey and tell her to step-and-fetch, she swings into action and washes the dishes after dinner, as well.
    In the case which involves the Clinton Alford beating video and the prosecution of Officer Garcia for one count of assault under color of authority, the actions of the District Attorney will soon enough merit a Federal Civil Rights investigation – of D.A Lacey herself for Obstruction of Justice.
    That is what D.A. Lacey can expect if she dutifully follows her instructions from Chief Beck – box the entire Clinton Alford assault scandal into the confines of the single criminal charge against Officer Garcia and then slow the court procedures and scheduling down to a crawl. Meanwhile, letting the clock run out on pursuing investigation and potential charges against other LAPD materially complicit in the assault.
    If Lacey had at least one bone in her made of integrity and independence, she would follow the duty of her office and break out the prosecution of Officer Garcia into the all-encompassing investigation which the facts indicate is needed.
    Think about it. Officer Garcia was not initially involved with detaining Clinton Alford for arrest. Alford had already been layed out on the ground, in compliance with and under the physical control of arresting officers. A patrol car rolls up on the scene and Officer Garcia gets out. Garcia runs over to Alford and the arresting officers and proceeds to assault Mr. Alford.
    For what reason? This investigation begs the need to expand beyond what is seen in the video. It must include in depth questioning of all officers on the scene and it must include in-depth review of all radio transmissions recorded over several hours up to the moment of Alford’s arrest.
    After that, if the investigation has not yielded a plausible explanation for Officer Garcia’s behavior, then it must expand the search. Even if that means possibly unearthing evidence of the codename: Field Goal Kicker and finding evidence the trademark assault kick is tolerated, encouraged and notorious within the unit, at the station and even among command staff at H.Q. or inside the Office of Chief himself.

  • cutty sark

    Don’t expect to hear much from the Mayor or the elected City Council members as far as effective criticism or sanctions of LAPD command staff involved with the Rene Enriquez appearance and book-signing at the banquet luncheon in DTLA.
    As much as they cow-tow to Chief Beck, they probably cower in fear of the repercusions attendant with offending Deputy Chief Downing.
    Downing is head of LAPD’s homeland security and special intelligence operations, i.e. the spy unit. Their operations likely include spying on our elected officials and appointees, in addition to their stated duties.
    late night rendez-vous, trysts, domestic disharmony involving elected officials and appointees or their offspring and family members – Downing likely has the photos, recordings and surveillance notes in the files

  • cutty sark

    D.A. Lacey has done and can be expected to continue carrying out the instructions given her by her masters, including Chief Beck.
    Why do you think she was groomed by and endorsed to succeed Steve Cooley in charge of the L.A. County District Attorney Office?
    Her job is to preserve and protect the reputation and record of the D.A.’s office and its employees, current and former. In fact, protecting the reputation and record of retired employees and past prosecutors – many having left to assume appointment as court judges or college professors or private practice at big name local partnerships – comes before everything. Lacey’s assignment includes protecting from review and scrutiny their collaboration with rule-breaking police and detectives in advancing dirty prosecutions.
    The facts are that after D.A. Lacey was elected and assumed office she announced her choice to fill the important positions in her prosecutor and administrative staff.
    Ms. Lacey retained or promoted every single person from Cooleys regime.
    D.A. Lacey is not just a protege of ex-District Attorney Cooley.
    She is everything and more than that.
    Steve Cooley High Prom Queen.
    Lee Baca Bellhop.
    Charlie Beck Chambermaid.
    J.Edgar Hoover Negress.

  • NinaG

    Downing is a dirty dog – always has been. NO ONE respects him as he rode daddy’s coat tails for his entire career. With such poor “leadership” throughout, it is no wonder the LAPD is awash in scandal. Too bad no one wants to do anything about it.
    Today it’s Tanaka and the Sheriffs; some day hopefully we’ll see the same fate for these dirtbags in the LAPD…

  • SaltySwede

    Rene “Boxer” Enriquez used this event as a “good deed” on his most recent parole application. He was just a hair’s breath away from getting paroled.

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