Jande_1Continuing the story of whether or not Johnny Gill is gay, the paparazzi busted comedian actor Eddie Murphy and his so called live in boyfriend, singer Johnny Gill of the group "New Edition" leaving a posh gay night club in Los Angeles last night. When the paparazzi asked Murphy if he was gay and why he was exiting a gay night spot, he threw his hand up in the air to shield himself from the camera and shouted out obscenities.

This doesn’t look good for either Murphy or Gill.

The ex-girlfriend of  singer Johnny Gill is now speaking out about her recent split up with the singer. She tells Atlanta Gossip, (AG) reporter Tiffany Long that Johnny is struggling with his sexuality and that Hollywood has put pressure on him to be straight.

“Johnny and I broke up earlier this year after I became curious about his friendship/relationship with actor/comedian Eddie Murphy,” she said. “Johnny and Eddie have always been very close friends, but I could not compete with their relationship. It was strange…I can’t even explain it,” she tell Atlanta Gossip.

Fjj6gm Also, remember the rumors that Arsenio Hall and Eddie Murphy were an item way back when?  Maybe they weren’t just rumors afterall.