Is the Movie Guy Out to Sabotage Tyler Perry?

Now I’m no rocket scientist and I’m not even a fan of Tyler Perry’s films but even I know how to pronounce Madea’s name.

However, much to my surprise, the voice of film, the Move Guy, doesn’t know how to say Madea and that can be a bit of problem when you are an 89-year-old grandma trying to use 1-800-777-FILM’s new voice guided system.

It so happened that I had to go all the way over to my grandmother’s house to help her and her friends figure out the movie times for Tyler’s Perry’s newest release “Madea’s Big Happy Family.”  To be honest, I thought my grandma was tripping, like maybe she didn’t have her teeth in or something and so every time she said Madea the system couldn’t pick it up.  I was wrong.  It wasn’t my grandma’s fault. And I really felt bad for her sitting there with the phone repeating over and over “Madea’s Big Happy Family” into the phone to point where I think she was yelling.

Well, I’d have been frustrated too.

It turns out that the Movie Guy has never seen one of Tyler Perry’s trailers, movies, or plays to the chagrin and ire of  elderly ladies everywhere who aren’t online and rely on the phone numbers they can remember for certain information.  In this case, it was the Movie Guys 1-800-777-FILM.

Luckily for the Movie Guy, there’s just about very little that can keep Black people away from a Tyler Perry release.  Even his wack pronunciation of Madea’s name.

Pending future releases of Perry’s Madea films, it might be worth the effort to have the Movie Guy at least watch the film’s 60 second trailer in hopes of sparing my grandma and grandma’s everywhere the hassle of having to repeat over and over “Madea” into the phone.  Because you and I both know that if Black people don’t show up at the few theaters Perry’s films are playing in the powers that be will be saying there isn’t an audience for these types of films.


The Court of Public Opinion

  • Gary Johnson

    It’s not sabotage you have to say Tyler Perry’s name before the movie I had this same problem with why did I get Married 2 until I said Tyler Perry’s Why did I get Married 2 sound s crazy buts thats how you find a Tyler Perry movie

  • Jboogie

    that may very well be true gary, but most people are going to just say the name of the film and when it comes to Tyler Perry we don’t always say Tyler Perry’s Madea’s Big Happy Family, we just say Madea’s Big Happy Family.

    I guess mostly people who aren’t online use the phone system and a lot of them tend to be older people, and when it comes to a Perry film, older Black people. But still I think they might want to work on that pronunciation thing as well. It reminds me of Fox News reporters intentional Farra-can pronunciation, lol. It just isn’t right.

  • Mikki

    yes ALL of Tyler Perrys movies have his name first and you have to say the full name for it to recognize it