While I would have much rather he went on NBC’s Dateline than CNN’s Larry King, I am elated to know that Isaiah will have the opportunity to set the record straight in his own words for everyone to hear…and it’s about time.

I’m so tired of reading tabloid stories and infotainment news articles painting him out to be some deranged actor that everyone’s scared of.  I am tired of the gay leadership making it seem as if he’s homophobic.  I am tired of the entertainment industry trying to ruin this man’s career.

So I’ll be watching, heck, I might even have a viewing party!  You go Isaiah, tell it like it is, the whole truth and nothing but the truth and the pieces fall where they may.  And then let’s get back to work ’cause you and I both know there are way more important things to be focused on.

Oh and the petitions online have collect over 6,000 signatures.  Keep em’ coming!