Many people may not know this, but I am completely fascinated with the Ballroom community.  I attend as many balls as I can, although I can never quite get up the nerve to walk.  In my house, sometimes I practice voguing, I prefer the old school method and I scour the Internet for classic Ballroom beats.  I admire the creativity and beauty of the Ballroom community.  I like the sense of family that each house creates for its members.  In fact to me, the Ballroom community is probably the most cohesive part of the gay community.  Yeah, I know about the drama that exists within the community as well, who doesn’t have drama.  The gay leadership has drama, the lesbians have drama, so what?  At the end of the day, for over 30 years, the Ballroom community has been here and has consistently grown and helped rear thousands of young Black gay boys when the older gays and lesbians couldn’t or wouldn’t.

Well, today I received an email from my good friend Kevin Ultra-Omni, who helped found the House of that name 25 years ago in New York, telling me that I was now an honorary member of the House of Omni.  Now that’s an honor I will proudly where everywhere I go.  Thank you Kevin. Father Taz, look for me at the next ball, I’ll be sitting with the Ultra Omni’s because I’m an Ultra Omni.