DEVELOPING STORY – Yep.  After all of the whooping and hollering over my girl Assemblymember Laura Richardson supposedly being homophobic among other things, it turns out that in the end, the voters choose her over State Senator Jenny Oropeza.

In the race to replace the late Congresswoman Juanita Millender-McDonald, the California Secretary of State’s website is reporting as of now that Richardson has 33% of the vote and Oropeza has 29%.  I won’t waste time reporting the other 17 candidates numbers, but will say that the voter turnout was extremely low for this special election.

While it’s not official, most people are calling it and they calling it for Laura Richardson.

Now this isn’t the end, because she didn’t get more than 50% of the vote she will have to face the lead Republican contender but hey, let’s be real here.  This is a Democratic district, Carson, Compton, and Long Beach.  She can win that with her eyes closed.

So, I’m wondering what all of the haters from gay political leadership are going to do after they pick their faces up off the ground.  Start sending those congratulatory letters now and try to make nice.  The good thing about politics is that there are no permanent enemies.

Congrats Laura!