Friday was a good day by all accounts. Not only did I get to meet and hang out with one of my favorite singers Ms. Chrisette Michele, but I was a guest on Jaime Foxx’s Foxxhole Sirius Satellite radio show along with my boy Lil Eazy E. You know Jaime’s a fool. I laughed so hard after the show it felt like I had done 300 crunchies. Lol. Chrisette sung live on the show and did a duet with Jaime Foxx…My Funny Valentine. I already knew that she talented and beautiful but to witness her doing her thing live and upclose…amazing.

Shout out to my girl and associate producer of the Foxxhole, Da Poetess for hooking it all up. I got you girl. Much love to Amy and Lil E.

For those in L.A., you can check out Chrisette Michele today in Watts at the Jazz At Drew Festival benefiting the Charles Drew Medicine and Science University’s Foundation.

Have a great weekend.