Brokeback_mountainNo suprise here that Jamaica is considering banning "Brokeback Mountain" from theatres.  Long known their homophobic stance, Jamaica is one of the leaders when it comes to harboring and fostering an anti-gay environment. Now me personally, I don’t think I care one way or the other if they ban the film.  Why?  Because I have long since gotten over Hollywood’ paving the road in gold for the telling of the white gay story.  It’s because Hollywood is so inudated with white gays that the Black community still views all things gay.  If "Brokeback" was a Black gay film, well I’d probably be screaming bloody mruder, but since it’s not, like I said I don’t really care, which doesn’t make Jamaica right either. I am sure there are people that disagree with this attitude, but it’s mine to have.


*The Jamaican Cinematograph Authority was expected to decide Tuesday (Feb. 21) whether it will allow “Brokeback Mountain” to be played in theaters throughout the country.       

The critically-acclaimed love story between two cowboys played by Heath Ledger and Jake Gyllenhaal is scheduled to premiere today at a single theater in the Kingston suburb of Liguanea. But its screening on the island has been opposed by the country’s clergy.       

"We don’t want people to support the showing of this movie here because it would send the wrong message to the public," an official of the Fellowship Tabernacle in Kingston, told the Jamaican Observer.       

Elder Allan Russell at the Emmanuel Apostolic Church said that the film represented an effort by Hollywood to "indoctrinate the world to a most sinful act" and warned that it should be barred "before any further damage can be done to the minds of our people."