So in an effort to connect with other L.A. bloggers, last night I finally met and hung out with Dick and Sharon, the proud parents of LAProgressive.com.  Since we were meeting for the first time, and you know my cardinal rule on crazy people, we hooked up my favorite spot on the Shaw, the very public Starbucks, lol.  No worries though, Dick and Sharon are  really cool and it’s nice to meet the people behind a site that I read daily and connect face to face.  There are plans to do a bigger gathering of like minded L.A. based bloggers.  Now that should be dope.

About L.A. Progressive

The LA Progressive reports and comments on issues of political, social, and cultural consequence. We gather news that is relevant to the diverse communities of Greater Los Angeles. Our articles advocate progressive positions and policies that will lead to a more just and equitable society. If you’re interested in the lives of celebrities, you’ve come to the wrong place. The LA Progressive exists to provide a venue for expression to the region’s dispossessed and powerless and those who champion their causes, this is a no-fluff zone.

Dick and Sharon are a pair of citizen journalists who got fed up with the status quo. Fed up with the do nothing politicians, the say nothing media, and the unengaged populace. Together they write for, edit and publish the LA Progressive Ezine (electronic magazine) and distribute its weekly e-news every Sunday morning.

Originally from Minneapolis and New York respectively, Dick and Sharon have a blended family of four children (Raheem, Wade, Deva, and Linnea), three children-in-law (Dan, Kelli, and Yoko), a cat named Cee and a boa constrictor named Adelaide.

Both have day jobs but have been progressive activists and anti-racists for more than 30 years, each supporting progressive causes in their own way.

Says Sharon, “The LA Progressive gives us an opportunity to contribute to our community. We especially love hearing from our readers.” Please contact them if you have an announcement. You can also submit comments in the comments field at the end of each article. Your participation is greatly encouraged and is as essential as the articles.