Okay, so I’ve been getting a lot of great comments on my hair both on and offline.  Thank you, but the credit doesn’t belong to me.

My favorite hair salon in all of Los Angeles is the Spice Salon on Pico Boulevard.

I’ve been going there for years, dating back to my days of wearing my hair relaxed when my girl Terry, who is still there, was doing my hair.

Since, I switched to my natural do, I have been going to Althea.  Every three weeks or so, she washes my hair and palm rolls my locs.  My hair has grown tremendously in the last year and it’s definitely because of the love and care I get at the Spice Salon.

The salon is owned by Kenny, who if I am not mistaken is from Nigeria.  She’s probably the most popular hair stylist of the Nigerian women in Los Angeles because every time I am there, she’s doing one head after another and they’re usually Nigerian women.


Althea (above), my person, is from Jamaica.  Another one that’s always booked up, Althea is responsible for the lovely shade of red that’s in my hair today.  One day, I just showed up and said I am ready for something different and bolder and wahlah!  While I hate sitting under the dryer for an hour each time I go, it’s definitely worth it and there’s always a good conversation going on in the salon to make the time go by.

The Spice Salon has a variety of hair stylists that do everything from press and curls to dreads to braids to twists to weaves.  Not your style?  No worries, there’s several licensed barbers onsite as well.  The prices are reasonable too.

My favorite hair stylists are (and in no particular order): Althea, Terry, and Kenny, but know that you’re safe with anyone that you get an appointment with.

If you’re looking for something different for the summer, whether it’s color or trying out twists, I highly recommend trying the Spice Salon.  I’ve been going there for years and sista’s you know when you find a good spot for your hair, you stick with it!

Spice Salon
4855 W Pico Blvd # B
Los Angeles CA 90019-4227
(323) 936-7830
1 Block East of La Brea on Pico