Blacks from coast to coast took part in Thursday’s National Call to Action In Support of the Jena 6.  From L.A. to New York, it was the best example of black on Black I’ve ever seen.  Below are photos and thoughts from people around the country on yesterday’s protest…

If you wore Black on Thursday, send me a pic, with your name, location, and what you have to say about the Jena 6 and why you participated in the call to action.


B. Hopgood
Oklahoma City, OK

"Jena 6 is just another example of the disparities and discrimination in our society. But I believe that the criminal justice system is merely reacting to these conditions and is not responsible for them. It’s time for the criminal justice system to stop perpetuating societal disparities and start producing equal justice."


Sedale Reed
Arlington, TX

"Hi, Jasmyne. I would like to first, extend my gratitude for your and other fellow black activists who are not turning their heads, or the other cheek, on social & racial discrimination that is blantantly occuring within all of our communties. For me, today was such a life altering event. I have never in my life felt the amount of pure glee in my heart that I did when I saw the multitudes upon multitudes of blacks uprising against hatred, as I did this evening…all in a struggle of unity to conquer mankind’s plight for racial & equal justices. It’s just evidence that no matter how troublesome your battle is, you are never in your fight alone. I can hardly express to you how my soul became full with pride and hope, and I knew that God would pull through. It’s these kinds of movements, that I have only read past events about, but to live it…Dr. King would be so proud. This is what it means to live…to surrender yourself free of your own trials and life, and into someone’s whose life is far worse off than your own. It’s made me proud to identify myself as a tried & true Afro-American…Sedale."

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RevSisRaedorah aka Beloved Sweetness
Pasadena, CA

"I did not wear PURPLE today — and even sacrificed working from my PURPLE chair — just to remind BLACK folk who are malaised into thinking that "we’ve made it!" that, NO! we really haven’t!

I am wearing BLACK today (and sent out 206 emails, three MySpace bulletins, and signature on my text messages) encouraging acts of protest and solidarity to prevent further gross inequity of what is justice for some and that which is "just for us" when it comes to matters of racism in America. 

I am wearing BLACK today because I am mourning the fate of these high school young men who bore the humiliation of an other’s ancestral legacy of hatred.  Choosing activism rather than indifference, they are forever changed by charges brought against boys who had not planned to become a movement as they ate breakfast that fateful morning. 

I am wearing BLACK today because there is nothing which prevents my son, my beloved JJ, from sitting in some small town jail, 3000 miles away in boarding school, because he challenges injustice in word today; perhaps in deed tomorrow’; but inevitably as he will as he lives out his life as a thinking man — young, gifted and BLACK.

I am wearing BLACK today because a tree was cut down.  Why?  It never hurt nobody.  It was planted by

BLACK hands and young hope.  It was beautiful and purposeful.  Like our sons. Like our daughters.

I am wearing BLACK today because my wailing must speak loudly, reverberating against the abyss of injustice until social justice includes not interrupting BLACK boys’ lives.

I’ll wear PURPLE again, tomorrow; but today it was worth my mourning."



Alisa Mitchell

"Fight the power."


Hannibal Tabu
Hawthorne, CA

…And as for what I think of the Jena 6, I quote KRS — "There can never really be justice on stolen land."


Los Angeles, CA

The Jena 6 is a prime example of the racial injustices that still exists. I wore black to symbolize my support…

"We never know how high we are, till we are called to rise; and then, if we are true to plan, our statures touch the skies." – Emily Dickinson


Khia Martin
Inglewood, CA

From the minute I heard about the JENA 6, I composed an email with all the facts that I rounded up from the different websites and news postings and sent it out to everybody and anyone who would listen. The email consisted of the website to sign the petition as well as the sites where you could view some of the videos on youtube to get a better understanding of what was going on.

This is considered to be "modern day lynching" and we as a people, black as well as other races, should not sit and let this injustice take place. Some people have actually made statements about it not being that way over here in Cali…but just because we don’t see it or don’t hear about it, does not mean its not going on. Take this incident w/ the JENA 6. This happened last year! started in August/September 2006 and many of us were just now hearing about it almost a year later.

So, even though I was not able to get on the bus and go down for the peaceful protest march in Jena, LA, I wore my black to signify that I stand for justice. FREE THE JENA SIX!!!!!"